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Archive for July, 2012


View21: DTV-R for the UK

We went down to a fancy London nightclub one rainy afternoon (which trust us removes all of the glamour) with the promise of seeing View21, an exciting step forward in…


Top London Olympics 2012 Apps

After years of preparation, anticipation and waiting the London Olympics Games 2012 have begun. With the five giant Olympic rings swinging majestically from Tower Bridge and cabbies chatting enthusiastically about…


Onkyo CR-N755: Spotify ready and willing to stream

It seems those harmonious home audio wizards Onkyo  have been hard at work cooking up another winner. Having been concentrating up to now on building quality mid market systems, they’ve…


Kick off the new footy season with the iT7 headphones

Forget Dr Dre, it’s all about Ian Taylor! The former Aston Villa football player has just launched his new iT7 headphones, and they look to be the talk of the…


New Logic3 headphones deliver Ferrari-inspired performance

Ferrari fans everywhere should be queuing up for the new audio collection from Logic3. Primarily featuring the famous Prancing Horse emblem on a crimson red colour scheme, the new range…


Mi Train – release your inner train-spotter!

An early contender for ‘The Most Useless Gadget of 2012’, the chaps at thumbsUp! have brought us the Mi Train Journey, a desktop simulation of, yes you guessed it, a…


Gear4: iOS docks of the future

Gear4, one of the leaders in the iPad dock market, invited us to have a play with some of their up and coming iOS accessories. The biggest challenge Gear4 see…


Booq Python Pack: Essential protection for your photographic essentials

As a self-shooting video journalist I often find my self lugging an array of cameras, microphones, cables and lenses across the Greater London area. As I don’t have a car…


ZTE Grand X: Redefining medium range

I’ve been meeting with ZTE on and off for the past few years to play with their latest handsets. Normally they trot out a decent, affordable but decidedly low-end handset…


UK Bus Checker iPhone app review

Much as I love the UK, getting from A to B can be a panic inducing frenzy, so anything to alleviate the pain of commuting is welcomed with open arms….


Archos Elements line of entry-level tablets

Electronics firm Archos has added a new member to the tablet club as they release the Archos 97 Carbon this month. The model is the first in a range called…


Energy Harvester and nPower PEG: Because kinetic energy isn’t slowing down!

Just how logical is kinetic energy? Extremely, I’d say, because unlike wind power that requires wind – too bad if it’s a still day – or solar that requires the…


Philips CitiScape headphone range: Uptown, Downtown, Shibuya and St. Germain.

As a committed city dweller one of my most important accessories is a pair of headphones. Where it’s radio, podcasts or music it’s amazingly liberating and powerful to be able…


Toshiba packs a punch with its latest range of PCs

Toshiba has announced the launch of its latest range of PCs, including Ultrabooks, business laptops and an all-in-one desktop PC. Ever forward-thinking, the company’s newest range includes some record breakers…


Sony Cyber-shot RX100: Big sensor, big price

Sony is targeting the high-end compact camera market with its latest release – the Cyber-shot RX100. This is the first time the company has produced a compact camera with a…

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