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Archive for March, 2012


StubHubUK: The eBay of tickets

Do you love the concerts and theatre but sick of events being sold out or the seats were not as close at you thought? Ticket touts do not guarantee their…


Sifteo: Can you beat the cubes?

Teaching kids maths has gone high-tech – and hopefully fun – with the Sifteo Cubes – as long as you have a couple of hundred quid to splash out. Unlike most…


PlanOn SlimScan: Never lose a receipt again

We allo know what a nightmare it can be trying to collect all of our receipts together when it comes to claiming our expenses back. Usually your entire desk becomes…


Via.Me: The Social Media App that Does it All

Via.me, a new social publishing platform from developers RadiumOne, launched on March 1st. The app enables you to publish content to different social media accounts, without having to log in…


Pentax K-01: Interchangeable lens camera

The latest interchangeable lens camera from Pentax is certainly a bit of a head-turner. The black-and-yellow body certainly sets it apart from the usual Pentax design – and that’s all down…


Life After DVD: As the death knell sounds for the disk, what are our alternatives?

Reed Hastings, Netflix CEO, admitted in January that the company expects DVD subscribers to decline every quarter, “forever”. When the head of America’s biggest DVD rental company  – the US…


CyberLink PhotoDirector 3 review: Lightroom streamlined

CyberLink PhotoDirector 3 is out, and we’ve decided to put it through its paces. Not just by reviewing it, but by putting it up against the number one PC photo…


PlexEasy PX-650US: Computer free back ups

Whilst all the talk is about cloud based storage and blue sky thinking, Plextor have their feet planted firmly on the ground. After all, there is still a market out…


The New iPad (3): Review of reviews

The iPad 3/iPad HD/”iPad” (we’ll stick to the first option to avoid confusion) is out, and so are the reviews. While the aesthetic differences between the first iPad and iPad…


Canon EOS 5D makes its Mark (III)

Canon has just added a 22.3 megapixel camera to its famous EOS range. The EOS 5D Mark III has been some time in coming and rumours about what it would…


The Elite QSP takes current dumping to another level

Back in the ‘30’s Peter Walker was the go to man in audio electronics. A true British audio pioneer he created the QUAD system, an acronym for “Quality Unit Amplifier…


Make Mum’s day with a gadget gift

Okay people, here’s the deal when it comes to Mothers’ Day. Little kids can get away with a hand drawn card and a clay candle holder made at school, but…


100 Trials for the iPhone: Review and developer interview

We were lucky enough to be given the chance to play 100 Trials for the iPhone last week – a title attempting to be the Angry Birds of Rogue-like games….


iBGStar: Blood glucose monitoring on your iPhone

I had no idea 2.9 million people had Diabetes in the UK and on top of that there are a further 850,000 undiagnosed cases. Diabetes can be difficult to monitor…

Angry Birds BlackBird dock review

Not content with taking your phone, Angry Birds are taking over cartoons, plush toys, clothes, films and a soon-to be theme park attraction in Finland. Last year Gear4 released a…

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