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Archive for February, 2012


Five top speaker docks for the iPad

Almost simultaneously with the launch of the Apple iPod, masses of speaker docks arrived leaving a confused consumers dizzyingly deliberating over which one to buy. Whilst the spawning of the…


Review: Maroo Otago Apple wireless keyboard case

I love typing with my iPad. I’m doing it right now. But even though I’m managing with the onscreen keyboard, I much, much prefer to get things down with a…


myTV 2GO: Hauppauge’s iOS TV streaming gadget

Ever held your sleek futuristic tablet and had a sudden longing to watch the Tv the old-fashioned way? If you’ve ever wanted to unwind with a little bit of Freeview…


Vaude PETros and Rails: Taking your gadgets safely from A to B

We love a good bag here at LG Towers. It’s all well and good being able to curl on an sofa and get your geek on (there’s a chiptune Missy…


Vtec iPhone camera lens cases

As the old saying goes, the best camera is the Canon 7D. But after that it’s the one you have on you. And more often that not that’s your smartphone….


Vodafone unveils designer phone-charging bag

Not content with merely sponsoring London Fashion Week, Vodafone UK have gone one step further and collaborated with British designer Richard Nicoll to produce a women’s tote bag that also…


Alienware X51: Big things in a small package

There are some people to whom gaming is not just a game. You know who you are. And you know deep down that it’s *just* a game right? You can…


3 Web Cube: Borg-friendly wireless broadband

I’m easily confused. At times when I pick up the small slab of metal and glass in my pocket and have access to the sum total of all human knowledge…


PS Vita: High end handheld gaming but strictly for the hardcore

Alright, okay. Calm down! Chillax! What’s all the hubbub about this bloomin’ PS Vita thing then? Well, with on-the-go gaming now done primarily on the good ol’ smart phone device,…


IXUS 510 HS and 240 HS: Canon taking advantage of Apple’s domination

When a new camera comes on to the market, it’s a bit like when another car makes its way onto the pages of AutoTrader, there’s so many of them available…


Is Wunderkit the new productivity wunderkind?

We have so many productivity and time management apps to tinker with and organise, it’s a wonder we get anything done. So that makes Berlin-based software company 6Wunderkinder even braver…


5 Anti-Insomnia Apps

According to the British Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Association, 25% of the British population suffer from some form of sleep disorder that results in excessive daytime tiredness. With a quarter…


Currys collaborates with fashion designer

We do not usually talk fashion here at LG Towers but London Fashion Week is upon us. To the men reading this, that means catwalk models stomping up and down…


PowerDVD 12 Ultra: CyberLink goes mobile

It’s all about mobile nowadays, and even PowerDVD is in on the act. The multi-purpose media playback software is now in its 12 iteration, boasting two killer mobile features: PowerDVD…


The Mio Cyclo 305 puts bikers on the map.

We’ve all heard them; the constant whining of cyclists chastising drivers (mainly lorry drivers to be fair) for not giving them enough room on the road. And in many cases…

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