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Archive for September, 2011


Samsung and 14 Bike co team up to make tablet bike holder

If you live in a built up urban area with a proliferation of cool kids it’s pretty hard not notice the sea of cool kids on single speed bicycles –…


Native Instruments lower barriers to beat making with MASCHINE MIKRO

Like laying down beats? I know I do. One of the classic pieces of kit for beat freaks is an Akai MPC, a wonderful machine that “got out of the…


Amazon unveils Kindle Fire and Touch: Threatens Android cousins more than iPad 2

The worst kept secret since civil servants decided to leave al-Qaeda dossiers on trains, Amazon finally ended the will-they-won’t-they speculation over its entry into the tablet game. The 7 inch…


Alcatel OT-810: A cute featurephone for the budget conscious

In case you were wondering I’m not a fashion-obsessed teenage girl – or any kind of teenage girl really. But I couldn’t help but emit a “kawaiii” (an adjective routinely…


Cygnett’s new affordable headphone range: Perfect for Swan Songs

Cygnett are old hands at the mobile phone accessories game – having produced a range of affordable yet innovative cases and covers for things like iPhones and Blackberries in the…


STM Switch and Stash tablet bags

STM are an Australian bag manufacturing company that we have come to know and love over the years – their range of iPad and Laptop bags have been mostly excellent…


Tom Tom and Renault launch electric car navigation

At last someone has seen the light and for once produced something entirely useful for the electric car; and that someone is Tom Tom. Not content with dominating the navigation…


Frankfurt Motorshow: Ford shows off the technology coming to its 2012 ranges

The Frankfurt Motorshow finally closed yesterday after a gargantuan two and a half-week run at the Frankfurt Messe. We were given the opportunity to go the Frankfurt Motorshow – not…


Abolish ‘I’ll have to call you back” scenarios with the Jabra Supreme headset

If you want to be able to concentrate and enjoy having a conversation with somebody without the intrusion of annoying background noise and interference, you may be interested in reading…


The Toshiba AT200. A honeycomb tablet so thin it’s almost see-through.

The iPad 2 is facing some serious competition these days. As the consumer market warms up to the potential of tablet media, there is certainly no shortage of options for…


Toshiba’s ZL2 TV gives you 3D viewing without the specs

Even though 3D is still not a convincing enough medium to have cracked the home market, television manufacturers seem convinced that ultimately it will be and so doggedly pursue ways…


Edifier Tick Tock Dock review

Despite doing it without fail every day of my life, waking up is a hard business that I’ve not managed to improve on with age. Nas had the right idea….


Colour Splash Studio Mac review

If you’ve ever wanted to recreate “the little girl in the red jacket” effect from Schindler’s List then a new app has just hit the Mac App Store just for…


HP TouchSmart 520: Family friendly All-In-One

HP officially released news of the TouchSmart 520, its updated redesign of the previous TouchSmart all-in-one devices, and a stylish attempt at providing a family-friendly machine primarily used for entertainment…


Toshiba launches an impressive new product fest in time for Christmas

It seems the technology wizards at Toshiba have been burning the midnight oil this year to ensure an impressive range of new products comes out in time for Christmas 2011….

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