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Archive for June, 2011


Scan your way to some spare cash with musicMagpie’s app

Fancy making a bit of spare cash, but can’t be bothered typing in all the details of your CDs, DVDs and games onto an auction website – or indeed carting…


Jabbakam community IP camera review

Much as I loved the rich feature set of the TP-Link Wireless Surveillance Camera I recently reviewed here, setting it up was far from simple. Whilst a war-weary Linux veteran…


Palo Alto cubik: High-end USB speaker system review

Remember Palo Alto? We had a look at their musik USB powered system a few days ago and were quite impressed. For a mere £50 they delivered surprisingly impressive audio…


tizi: Wireless mobile TV hotspot for iPad and iPhone

Want to watch TV on the go? Whether you’re addicted to America’s Next Top Pirate, Are You Stronger Than A Dog or MILF Island, TV plays a big part in…


Xperia ray, Xperia active and Sony Ericsson txt

Sony Ericsson has unveiled yet three more new handsets, the Xperia Ray, the Xperia Active and the Sony Ericsson txt. Does the mobile giant’s latest line offer anything new or…


Nuance OmniPage 18 document converter review

For an academically inclined nerd I have a surprising amount of upper body strength, a fact I attribute solely to lugging weighty tomes regarding 18th century agrarian poetry around campus…


Epson TW450 projector review

In case you’ve forgotten, projectors are cool. They were cool ten years ago, when they cost an arm, weren’t very bright, had poor resolutions and the bulb ran out after…


Ocean Leisure press day: Underwater and sailing gadgets

Ocean Leisure is one of the UK’s premier marine and water sports superstore and they recently held a press day to show off their latest and greatest pieces of equipment….


Native Union’s Gold POP Handset: Blending retro and tradition with modernism and bling

Blending traditionalism with the convenience and comfort of modern technical innovation, Native Union’s new Gold POP handset, that is based on an interpretation of the classic 1950s Bakelite telephone but…


Asus U36 Ultra-Portable Notebook: Setting new standards in tech chic style

I think we can safely say that today gadgets are as an important fashion accessory as handbags and shoes, and it is to the fashion-conscious amongst us that the new…


Script It!: Budget screenwriting software

Do you have unfulfilled dreams of creating the next Twilight or True Blood? If so leave this review now, throw away all your pens and pencils and let us never…


ASUS tablet goes 3D; smartphone and tablet come together with PadPhone

ASUS revealed a whole bunch of products at Computex 2011, including a new Padfone (which isn’t, apparently, a mobile phone for dogs), a 3D tablet, an all-in-one desktop and some…


Palo Alto musik USB speakers review

Whilst many audiophiles are punching the air right now, enraged at the very mention of USB-powered speakers, for a normal person they are a necessary compromise. Inferior quality audio at…


London on a plate iOS app

As any London-based gourmand knows, the capital offers an amazing range of eating options, which can at times be over-whelming or even obscured by numerous steak houses and burger bars….


Blurb iOS app: Share your stories in an instant

One of the great things about all this technology we have at our fingertips is that we can share instantly with friends and family – maybe post up some pictures…

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