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Archive for April, 2011


Saveometer power monitor review

There are two types of conservationist: ones in favour of the planet, the other in favour of their pocket. The Saveometer electricity and gas monitor is  – perhaps unsurprisingly –…


BlueAnt Q2 bluetooth headset review

Remember the BlueAnt T1, the rugged little Bluetooth headset we threw around here. Well, slightly more fancy but just as powerful is the Q2. The T1 claimed to be the…


Divorce? app for the iPhone

With everyone in the UK falling over themselves to cash in on the Royal Wedding in a display of commercialism that is almost beyond parody (my three favourite being Royal…


One For All SV9325: Fantastic reception for after the Royal Wedding

There’s a dilemma coming – watch the Royal Wedding on TV, or head into central London and get in amongst the action. Well, worry no more! Using little more than…


Q-Waves wireless USB review

Q-Wave are yet another company desperate for you to “cut the cord” and step into the magical wireless kingdom. Unlike TruLink, who we looked at here, Q-Waves offers a laptop-to-big…


On a budget? The Hannspree Android tablet could fill the gap

Really want an Android tablet but lacking the necessary funds? Monitor manufacturer Hannspree has just released a tablet – the HANNSpad – that comes in at very reasonable £249 (pretty…


Quick look: Vuzix Wrap Virtual Reality Tracker 6TC

If I offered to put an LCD screen centimetres from your face, you’d probably punch me in mine. Enter Vuzix, a company that makes its trade on doing just the….


BlueAnt T1 Bluetooth headset review

Bluetooth headsets get a bit of a bad rap – mostly because they make you look at little bit silly (make up your own tired reference to the Borg and…

Nike+ SportWatch GPS Powered by TomTom review

For the second time this year, a PR company contacted me and said “fancy loosing some weight? Try this out!” I’d be outraged but both times there was a doughnut…


Get smart with the latest release from Dune – the HDI Smart B1

If you want to enjoy your multimedia in full HD – that’s 1080p – then take a look at the all-singing, all-dancing Dune HD Smart B1 High Definition Network Media…


Lenovo ThinkPad X220: The ultimate business traveller companion?

Don’t be fooled by its unassuming and unpretentious exterior, as the 12.5 inch Lenovo ThinkPad X220 is bursting with the most advanced and sophisticated of technology. One of the greatest…


Acer Aspire Z5761: A touching performance

Acer is bringing its latest all-in-one to a somewhat crowded market, with the likes of HP and Sony having recently released their own all-in-ones. But what just might make this…


Cyber Snipa Sonar 5.1 Championship Headset review

So many gaming headsets are out there, we thought we would put one of them to test. Cyber Snipa specialise in PC gaming perishables. We got to try out the…


‘Get the edge’ on competitors and fellow spectators with the latest sports apps

As the weather warms up so do the joggers, who are coming out of the woodwork fast and furious, all determined to shed a few pounds before that much anticipated…


No looking back in anger needed anymore with Reevu

Here’s one sure fact. If it wasn’t for motorsports, the world would be a lot less safe than it is today. The technology behind making motor racing safer, has eventually…

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