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Archive for August, 2010


Aiptek 3D HD camcorder: 3D technology gets up close and personal

Once upon a time 3D in the home was an outlandish and fantastical idea best suited for the year 3000. The popularity of 3D cinema however, with the likes of…


Versatile and stylish – Pioneer’s KODO XW-NAW1 iPod wall mounted speaker system

As we mentioned in our feature on the best iPod docks due to high consumer demand, competition to produce the very highest of quality iPod speaker systems is hastily gathering…


Exspect iPad and iPhone cases review and giveaway

I love my iPad but I seldom take it out of the house, partly out of fear of damaging it and partly to avoid a hoarde of over enthusiastic Android…

Quick look: Sony DR-GA500 PC gaming headset

Sony has announced two new gaming headsets, the DR-GA500 and DR-GA200. The headsets have apparently been designed with the user in mind following user research showing what gamers want from…


What to do with unwanted gadgets: Weeebuy.co.uk, freecycling and charity

A study has revealed that Brits throw away an unbelievable £6 billion a year in unwanted gadgets. With just 20% of electrical devices recycled, the report, from www.weeebuy.co.uk, reckons each…


Auluxe Dew and Edifier Prisma 2.1 mini HiFi review

Neologistically defining themselves as a “fusion of Audio and Luxury”, Auluxe’s new 2.1 Mini HiFi Dew speaker system had a lot to live up to and replacing my cherish Harman/Kardon…


Revolutions in radio technology: PURE Flowsongs and Logitech Squeezebox

Since its beginnings in the early 1800s, radio has been one of the more important technological devices. From helping keep soldiers’ morale up in World War Two, to keeping emergency…


Olympus LS-5 Linear PCM digital recorder: Mobile mini sound studio

Listen up journalists, musicians and podcasters! Olympus is launching a new digital recorder this month, which it claims allows you to record and edit your work while you’re on the…


Preparing for the digital handover: the best of the set-top boxes

It all started off with a trial in the small Welsh communities of Ferryside and Llansteffan. 500 properties switched over to digital television in 2005, way before anyone else did,…

GPS Golf Caddies

Com-putter science: GPS golf caddies

Imagine for a moment that you are faced with a dilemma. You are in the middle of the fairway having just nailed a drive and your second shot is crucial….


TWIG: StumbleUpon, FaceBook Places, Action Cam

The Week In Gadgets This week saw a number of interesting announcements centring about the Internet. And a Head camera. Wired editor Chris Anderson did a Nas and proclaimed that…


Pump up the volume with the best iPod docks around

As ghetto blasters and stereo players are being rapidly ditched for iPods and iPhones, with their aesthetical attributes and sound clarity, iPod docks are becoming quite competitive in the world…


Cisco Linksys WAG320N review

We thought we take a look at the new Linksys WAG320N ADSL2+ modem, which provides easy access to Gigabit Ethernet and functions as a Dual band wireless router. Out of…


Logitech G-Series: A high price for victory

Logitech have added 3 high-end peripherals to the award-winning G-Series line for gamers. The Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930, Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse G700 and Logitech Gaming Keyboard G510 are…


Current cost power monitor: Making you green with Envi

At first I was sceptical – how could a manufactured piece of plastic that plugs into my electricity supply actually reduce my carbon footprint? Once I plugged in the Current…

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