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Archive for March, 2010


Sony iPhone headphones – something for everyone

It’s become a modern-day love/hate story for the iPod generation: The ecstasy you feel when you finally get your mitts one of Apple’s sleek little devices, is immediately overcome by…


SOWAT portable ashtray

Any environmentally friendly invention has to be admired. We can all realise the use and relevance of the solar panel, the wind turbine and the electric car because it is…


Samsung Navibot: New breed of cleaning robot

I confess it: here at Latest Gadgets.co.uk, we’re not always interested in domestic appliances. I mean, until someone put an internet connection in a toaster, I’d never cooked bread. So…


Eye-Fi Wi-Fi memory cards – the end of “disk full”

It’s an all too familiar situation, you are about to capture a pricelessly precious and inimitable moment, when your digital camera reads”memory full”. Doh! Although these stomach wrenching moments, which…


Samsung smartphone takes us to a whole new Galaxy

Samsung have lifted the lid on the latest addition to its family of smartphones, the Galaxy S. Powered by the newest version of Google’s Android operating system, the Galaxy S…


Packard Bell launches the iPower X3.0 gaming rig

With the current trend for scaled back, “just for browsing” netbooks and nettops on the market it’s almost alien to see high spec PCs these days. But, whilst the average…


Packard Bell Studio ST – media hard drive

Packard Bell has been hard at work trying to keep pace with the storage solution rat race, and the result is the Packard Bell Studio ST, a HD ready media…


Size is of the essence: Sony’s new Vaios

Women, it seems are not the only ones desperately trying to shed some pounds to meet society’s demands, which insanely equates being thin with being desirable. As technology has been…


Loewe’s beautiful new high-end Mediacenter

The new Mediacenter from Loewe is a monster. It sets the benchmark for any cross-media platform. It’ll play your CDs and DVDs and can receive any radio via antenna, cable,…


ReboundTag – New lost luggage tracking service

Do you frequently fly with your most treasured memories tightly packed in your luggage? Or are you too cheap to pay for travel insurance that covers your suitcase’s contents? Perhaps…


Sony’s serene, hi-tech alarm clock

If your anything like me you dread the noise that emanates from traditional alarm clocks, my current alarm clock sounds like something from an alien planet – it’s a high-pitched…


Google set-top box: Rumour round-up

It’s been rumoured as far back as 2007 that web giant Google is looking to move into the digital TV market, but solid facts have been painfully slow to materialise….

Highlights from the Game Developer’s Conference 2010

The 2010 Game Developer’s Conference in sunny San Francisco has just finished, with a record-breaking 18,250 attendees from the gaming industry. GDC isn’t the place you tend to see big…


Virgin Media plan V HD Box and Tivo collaboration

In the last week Virgin Media have announced their plans for an all-out technology offensive, with the goal of becoming the sole input of rich media into your home by…

Round-up: The best of CeBIT 2010

CeBIT has once again graced Germany, and there was all sorts of technology on display. Granted, most of it was tedious or irrelevant, but there were plenty of diamonds shining…

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