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Top 5 Wearable Technology

By Christopher Davies,

Although it is too early to tell whether wearable technology is here to stay or yet another passing fad, hardware manufacturers and software developers are pursuing this latest opportunity in an attempt to attract new customers and generate valuable revenue…. Read article


iRobot Ava 500: Enterprise Robotics

By David Nield,

The Ava 500 Video Collaboration Robot, produced by iRobot and Cisco, is set to provide an executive remote meeting experience that’s a significant step up from the standard setup of Skype or Google Hangouts combined with a laptop. The Ava… Read article


Top 5 Father’s Day Ideas

By Shem Pennant,

Who doesn’t love a made-up holiday designed to perpetuate gender stereotypes and sell merchandise? It’s that time of year again and Father’s Day is upon us. Still it fun giving you dad something, be it tickets to the ballet, a… Read article


Booq Boa Squeeze Backpack: Can I Fit It?

By Shem Pennant,

Much like a rapper who gets to shout a closing line triumphantly, drop the mic and then swagger off the I really just want to type “I love this bag”, drop a microphone and saunter off into the distance. Unfortunately… Read article


XBox One vs Playstation 4: Next-Gen Console Showdown

By Andrew Rafter,

To the naked eye there doesn’t seem to be that much of a difference between the Xbox One – which finally got its unveiling last night – and Sony’s PS4. Both consoles rely on the same PC-like X86 architecture; both… Read article