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PlanOn SlimScan: Never lose a receipt again

By Mark Pilkington,

We allo know what a nightmare it can be trying to collect all of our receipts together when it comes to claiming our expenses back….


Make Mum’s day with a gadget gift

By Naomi Mackay,

Okay people, here’s the deal when it comes to Mothers’ Day. Little kids can get away with a hand drawn card and a clay candle…


Currys collaborates with fashion designer

By Amanda McGahan,

We do not usually talk fashion here at LG Towers but London Fashion Week is upon us. To the men reading this, that means catwalk…


iGo batteries go green

By Naomi Mackay,

Eco-friendly power solution developer iGo has turned its attention to the rechargeable battery and come up with a line of non-toxic batteries which, it says,…


QuNeo 3D: “The World’s Most Expensive Controller”

By Dominic Smith,

California-based tech developers Keith McMillen Instruments (KMI)  announced recently that they’d be unleashing the next generation of music software and hardware controllers for electronic musicians,…


Fun and Educational Gadgets

By Naomi Mackay,

If you’re loath to fill your house with a load of plastic tat that either gets broken or ignored come Boxing Day, or want to…