Mi Train – release your inner train-spotter!

An early contender for ‘The Most Useless Gadget of 2012’, the chaps at thumbsUp! have brought us the Mi Train Journey, a desktop simulation of, yes you guessed it, a train journey.


Coming in the form of a replica train carriage, you slot your Smartphone into the ‘window’ and proceed to watch the landscape pass by as the journey begins. And, err… that’s about it. It is fair to say this is one of those gadgets you will either love or hate.

Mi Train Journey comes complete with a miniature passenger, meaning as you sit back and watch the landscape zip past the window, you can move the little figure around from seat to seat, re-enacting the very events that took place in your carriage this morning if you so desire. However, if your journey in to work is anything like mine, then you will need to invest in about 30 more figures that are all crammed together, a healthy dose of bodily odour, copious amounts of rubbish to spread around the seats and half a dozen copies of the Metro that can be dotted about the place. How relaxing.

There is not much we can say about this gadget apart from plugging it in and watch it go. Some may be mesmerised as the scenery flashes by, others will wonder if there life has no meaning left in it. Still, credit to the developers, it is unique if nothing else.

Mi Train Journey is yours to own and treasure forever for only £19.99, and is available from