Make Halloween even more fun with great spooky-wooky gadgets

Yes another Halloween has almost arrived and alongside the terrifying costumes, tins of Celebrations for trick n treaters and candle-lit pumpkins to show that we’re getting in the Halloween spirit, there is a growing emphasis on blood-curdling gadgets circulating each October. Check out some of the best Halloween gadgets for 2011.


123 Glow HD Colouring Book, Halloween Edition for iPad and iPhone

With a patent-technology that makes drawing over lines impossible, kids will adore this fun Halloween colouring book.  The 123 Glow HD Colouring Book is educational as well as entertaining, as on top of being creative with Halloween shapes, drawing, stickers and pictures, kids will be able to learn letters, number and colours in four different languages – English, German, Spanish and French.

Although the 123 Glow HD Colouring Book is not just about drawing, arithmetic, reading and writing, as kids can also watch Halloween cartoons and sing along to spooky, Halloween-related songs.

Carve it! Pumpkin Carving app

This Halloween app is suitable for children aged 3+. Kids will have hours of creative fun, carving pumpkins with their fingers and then lighting them up with a candle inside. Their ingenious pumpkin creations can be shared with friends and family via email.

The Carve It! Pumpkin Carving app is compatible with the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch and costs $0.99 to download.

Ghost-detecting cell phone strap

For those convinced their house is being haunted by poltergeist, the ghost-detecting cell phone strap should satisfy their ghostly paranoia this Halloween. The mobile phone strap turns red when it detects a spirit – guaranteed to permeate terror and bedlam on Halloween night.

But that’s not all; this wacky gadget includes a ‘Kotodama’ tuner, which allegedly uses ‘algorithms’ to transform the spiritual energy around us into human language, enabling those of the psychic tendency to communicate with the ‘Great Beyond’.

Who needs a Ouija board when you can pick up a ghost-detecting cell phone strap for $23.20?


Feeling more passive? The Tulleys Farm Shocktober Fest Halloween event near Crawley in Sussex has installed an infrared webcam in one of its haunted house attractions over Halloween. The ‘Scarecam’ is a streaming webcam which is live from 7pm to 11pm each night until 31 October showing a string of victims/customers fumbling their way along the dark passageway before being frightened out of their skins. The webcam includes sound too so you can also hear the nervous chatter followed by the screams coming from the terrified customers.

Logo on to www.ScareCam.co.uk to watch the Scarecam

Death Booth Halloween

Want to pretend you went out for Halloween, when really you stayed in and watched Ingmar Bergman movies? Try Death Booth Halloween, a new app from AppSolution, that does a pretty good job of making you look awful.

Out on iTunes


Freak Show cases

And finally what’s the point in dressing up your kids in a scary costume when their iPod Touch hasn’t made the effort? Griffin have launched a limited edition line-up of spooky cases for iPod touch – the Freak Show series.Freak Show cases surround the iPod touch in a thick jacket of silicone molded into monsters and mythical creatures. The silicone case stretches to fit the iPod touch 4th generation, with cutouts providing easy access to controls, connectors and the camera lens.

Griffin’s Freak Show cases are available for £16 ($24.99) from Thursday 27th October for a limited time only from here.