Galet luxury USB Key: Data mobility made obscenely expensively yet ultra elegant

If you are one for donning the latest Prada handbag heavily engraved with the designer’s name, love to flash your red-soled Louboutins in a busy, up-market bar, or unashamedly keep a pair of Calvin Klein sunnies firmly on your head even when the sun’s gone in, you may be excited to hear about the Galet USB key, bringing elegance, luxury and designer brands to digital collections.


Like pens, watches and wallets, USB keys have become an essential accessory, enabling us to carry our precious digital data around with us, whilst occupying little space in our handbags and pockets. Given its indispensable nature, it only seems right that the humble USB key should be finished with the same finesse as accessories conventionally associated with designer labels and luxury.

Hand-crafted in Paris, the Galet USB has been designed by two distinguished brands, LaCie, a leading manufacturer of storage devices, and Christofle, a French luxury brand. Like all designer accessories, the Galet, with its elegant pebble shape and radiant silver-plated finish, is designed to turn heads, stimulate conversation and dribble in style and affluence. Each piece of the Galet is individually plated with silver using Christofle’s unique 150-year-old silvering process.

Although whilst this USB storage device might look great, what are its actual technological capabilities? Well nothing much really except holding 4GB of data, oh and, quite a nice touch if we are searching for the practicalities of luxury brands delving into technological gadgets, the LaCie Private-Public software with password protection, meaning precious and uncensored photos and images are well protected from roving and probing eyes.

The damage? £94.99 from Christofle boutiques across the world and the LaCie online store. Although if you are amongst, what you consider to be the ‘style elite’ in the world and are willing to pay half a grand for a pair of shoes and a four figure sum for a handbag, what’s a mere hundred quid to own the ultimate luxury and stylish USB key?