TWIG: Wiki AudioVibe, Plextor PX0B120U 3D USB drive and Skype/Facebook love-in

The week in gadgets.

Ever been caught short without a boombox? I know you have. What you need is AudioVibe, a portable widget that allows you to produce sound, utilising vibrations and nearby objects. Hollow box-like objects are obviously best but there is a certain amount of fun that can be had from experimenting with other interestingly shaped objects – and I can imagine children (or playfully inclined adults) having lots of fun seeing what objects sound like. You’ll need 2 * AA batteries to get things going – but small output wattage means very little actual power is consumed so they should last you a reasonable amount of time. Whilst not the world’s most amazing sound system, there is a reasonable amount of novelty value and in a pinch the AudioVibe could save a party. Yours for only £19.95.


If you got a chance to peek at my inbox you would basically see “3D!3D!3D!3D!3D!iPod Dock3D!3D!”. There is a pretty concerted industry-wide push to get 3D into the hands of regular consumers. From handheld 3D video cameras, to 3D laptops to the mnemonically titled Plextor PX-B120U – a USB 3D and High Definition drive that enables you to upgrade your existing hardware to 3D without throwing the whole lot away. You can also use it as a Stand-alone Blu-Ray player as well by just plugging it into the TV. Pretty handy for £79.99.

In other news Skype got all up in my FaceBook (sorry). Beloved VoIP client Skype has upgraded its desktop software to 5.0 (but not the Mac or iPad versions? What gives guys?). The headline features on the Windows version would have to be the new integration with Facebook, making Skype a lot more social. Your Facebook feed now appears in Skype (how useful this is really depends on your social circle). You can also Skype chat or video call your Facebook buddies from the Windows client, marking another step in Facebook’s growing domination of the Internet landscape. More exciting to me was the beta feature for group chats – enabling 10-way video calls. With video cameras being built into almost everything the future is creeping closer and closer. Check it out.