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Sun Sniper Pro Camera Strap review

By Andy Mossack,

Any decent photographer will tell you they have a photographic award just waiting to be won. After all, if you can frame a shot perfectly…


Pentax K-01: Interchangeable lens camera

By Naomi Mackay,

The latest interchangeable lens camera from Pentax is certainly a bit of a head-turner. The black-and-yellow body certainly sets it apart from the usual Pentax design…


Canon EOS 5D makes its Mark (III)

By Naomi Mackay,

Canon has just added a 22.3 megapixel camera to its famous EOS range. The EOS 5D Mark III has been some time in coming and…


Vtec iPhone camera lens cases

By Shem Pennant,

As the old saying goes, the best camera is the Canon 7D. But after that it’s the one you have on you. And more often…


The best cameras at CES

By Naomi Mackay,

Wi-Fi, zoom lenses on compact cameras, and powerful full-frame DSLRs with impressive specs and big price tags were all on the menu for photography fans…


Photography Related Christmas Gifts

By Naomi Mackay,

Now it is so easy to take great digital images, and to manipulate them as we want, one of the simplest ways to create truly…


Bridging the gap: the Panasonic LUMIX GX1

By Naomi Mackay,

Panasonic has been busy – along with announcing the world’s smallest 3D compact camera, it has also found time to bring a new Lumix G…


Panasonic’s small wonder – the DMC-3D1

By Naomi Mackay,

Compressed twin lenses are the secret behind Panasonic’s announcement that it has produced the smallest 3D compact camera ever. The Japanese corporation has just announced…