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Cameras & Kit

We check out all manner of cameras and related accessories. Whether you’re after the latest DSLR, or just a great ‘point-and-shoot’ digital camera – we cover them all here. We also write about new technologies, such as 3D photography and video.


Canon’s LEGRIA Mini – Crying Out to Be Played With

Remember when camcorders first hit the mainstream consumer market in the 80s? They were huge, in both senses of the word. These bulky and heavy shoulder-born items suddenly unleashed a…


Panasonic LUMIX GX7 – Not Big, Very Clever

In these days when pretty much any mobile phone is capable of taking half decent snapshots, carrying a separate camera with you when you go out suggests serious photographic intent….


CHOBiCAM Cheese Camera is Gouda’Nuff

The new camera by Japan Trust Technology puts a whole new meaning to “Say Cheese!”. The company has just revealed the launch of the first ever cheese-shaped camera. The miniature…


Lytro: Light Rays and Living Pictures

Photography – especially the mid-range point and click market has been in trouble for some time now. People, for the most part, love to take pictures but a quick glance…


CineLite: Great Mobile Tracking Shots

A great dolly shot is an essential weapon in a cinematographer’s arsenal and Vacion brings this range of movement to mobile videography with the CineLite camera slider. Much like the…


Olloclip Quick Flip Case Review

I love my olloclip but I also love my iPhone not being smashed into a million pieces so I often cover it with a protective case. Like an overprotective ex-lover…


Sony DEV-50V Digital Recording Binoculars: Bring Nature Close

For many people, their phone is now a camera and their music player is now a phone. Doubling up on functions, however, works best when the two purposes are connected….


Canon’s Latest Camcorders: Standing Out to be Outstanding

With even the cheapest compact cameras, digital SLRs and more recently wearable devices like the GoPro possessing high quality video recording potential, you may think the market for camcorders has…


Nikon COOLPIX A: The Pocket-Sized DSLR

It’s a brave new world in the digital camera market these days. With profit margins decimated at the lower end of the compact range, fuelled by the growing popularity of…


Best iPhone Photo and Video Accessories

As the old adage goes, the best camera is the one you have with you. And more often than not these days that will be your smartphone. Pretty much all…


Swivl for iPhone – Get Yourself in the Movies

It’s not easy to capture yourself on a video camera – and if you want to film yourself – or others – practicing your dance moves maybe, or just have…


Optrix iPhone XD5: Rough and tumble smartphone action

Since it’s fourth iteration the iPhone has long been my camera of choice when it comes to being on my person at all times and rough and ready snaps. And…


The cameras of CES

Snapshot of the latest launches from digital camera makers Despite the sad demise of Jessops, there are still plenty of us who are looking for more than just a camera…


Samsung NX300-3D Camera: Film in 3D

Samsung has announced what it says is the first one-lens 3D system on a camera that can produce 3D video and still images. The NX300 is the new flagship model…


GripTight Gorillapod stand for almost all smartphones

The smartphone photography boom continues unabated. It’s already been ages since the iPhone became one of the most popular cameras on mobile photography site Flickr. Now mobile sharing sites such…

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