Toshiba makes a splash with the waterproof Camileo BW10 camcorder

It’s not only snorkelers and action fans who will benefit from Toshiba’s latest baby – a waterproof camcorder.

If you’ve ever ruined a gadget by dropping it in the water getting off a boat on holiday, or even if your rugrat has managed to drop it in the bath or a paddling pool, the Camileo BW10 could be the answer to your prayers.


Following on from Sony Ericsson’s announcement of a waterproof phone in the shiny pink shape of the S003 Cyber-shot, it makes sense that a camcorder used to capture action, makes the leap into the great watery deep – well at least to 2m anyway. One suspects that real underwater fans will be hoping that this will lead the way for more cameras to withstand deeper water in the near future.

Whether you’re off on an adventurous holiday, or just want a camcorder that is robust enough for family life, take a look at this. As well as its water, snow, rain and dust-repelling abilities, the Toshiba Camileo BW10 offers 1080p Full HD video and has a rubber exterior cover to help it withstand a bit of rough use.

The 10x digital zoom should get you close to your subject, and quick, two-button operation means the user can switch easily between video and 5mp still photos. (Five mp does seem a bit meager when even mobiles boast upwards of 8mp cameras now, but as we’ve established before, unless you’re enlarging images to massive proportions, there’s no real benefit to having an 8mp pixel camera for most users).

The BW10 is also designed to work in ‘challenging’ ambient light conditions, with a maximum ISO speed of 1600. As is becoming common now, there is dedicated YouTube functionality, allowing you to easily upload your videos to the web.

And with a price tag of just £129.99 for a waterproof rugged camera, it certainly looks like a bargain buy. And if that isn’t enough to persuade you, perhaps the news that it comes in stylish yellow, turquoise or silver and is small enough to fit into a pocket or small bag might be the final temptation for the image-conscious among you.