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myID have your biometric passport covered

By Tola Onanuga,

When you travel abroad, your passport is by far your most valuable asset. And with the rise of identity theft, not to mention all manner of sophisticated cloning techniques, passport safety is serious business. A simple holder to pop it… Read article


Nintendo 3DS: Review round up and hands-on

By Tola Onanuga,

The 3DS, successor to Nintendo’s uber-popular DS handheld console, has been much anticipated and long awaited among bloggers, gamers and tech obsessives everywhere. Finally, at the E3 conference last week, a few lucky journalists were able to get up close… Read article


Best Travel Apps Round-Up (2010)

By Tola Onanuga,

Mobile technology has revolutionised the way people see the world, and whether you’re staycationing in Britain or venturing abroad, travel apps can help make you the most of your adventures. Here’s a selection of recent additions to the iPhone store… Read article


Worldcard Mobile business card reader & scanner iPhone app

By Tola Onanuga,

This app is designed to take the annoyance out of manually transferring contact information from business cards to your phone. Trying to stuff hundreds of business cards into your wallet seems old-fashioned and impractical in these modern times, so this… Read article


Latest Gadgets 3D Blu-ray players round-up

By Tola Onanuga,

Due to the global assault of Avatar and many other 3D-based movies released over the past year, the 3D Blu-ray player is a hotly anticipated arrival. But can they live up to our expectations? Judge for yourself, with our selection… Read article


Sony iPhone headphones – something for everyone

By Tola Onanuga,

It’s become a modern-day love/hate story for the iPod generation: The ecstasy you feel when you finally get your mitts one of Apple’s sleek little devices, is immediately overcome by the disappointment of experiencing its below-par, bundled earphones. The limitations… Read article


Google set-top box: Rumour round-up

By Tola Onanuga,

It’s been rumoured as far back as 2007 that web giant Google is looking to move into the digital TV market, but solid facts have been painfully slow to materialise. The strongest indication yet that the company are developing a… Read article


Three of the best: Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) lights

By Tola Onanuga,

SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder – is a condition where the ‘winter blues’, can cause stress, depression and and considerable disruption to a sufferer’s life. However, the condition is treatable and can be combated in a number of ways. One… Read article