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Blackberry Z10 Review Roundup: Phoenix Rising or Swan Song?

By Shem Pennant,

Very much a fallen angel, it’s rare to hear Research in Motion’s name mentioned these days without “troubled” preceeding it. So much so that they’ve rebranded. But this wasn’t always the case and as the BlackBerry manufacturer’s legions of stubborn… Read article


Dyson AirBlade Tap Hand Dryer: Throwing in the towel

By Shem Pennant,

Dyson invited us out to South Kensington yesterday to show off the latest results of their mad tinkering. In an era of increasingly homogenised technology it’s always comforting to be in the presence of some old fashioned engineering geniuses who… Read article


Whirlpool Wavelicious App: The Little Kitchen Helper

By Shem Pennant,

It’s getting to the point where I’m surprised where there isn’t an app for that. The lazy comedy punchline that is apps is also an everyday reality, and developers are constantly searching for new ways for us to spend more… Read article


Seagate Wireless Plus: Hard drives built for the road

By Shem Pennant,

In the materialistic world of gadgets it’s important to remember that you can’t take it with you when you go. The world of portable storage however, begs to differ and Seagate’s new Wireless Plus mobile storage device even wants to… Read article


Optrix iPhone XD5: Rough and tumble smartphone action

By Shem Pennant,

Since it’s fourth iteration the iPhone has long been my camera of choice when it comes to being on my person at all times and rough and ready snaps. And as the lenses and technology behind them get progressively better… Read article


MAG II Gun Controller: The pursuit of trigger happiness

By Shem Pennant,

There’s something silly yet enjoyable about running around pretending to have a gun (key word “pretending”) and the sophistication of modern gaming is still hard pressed to be as enjoyable as doing that scene from Spaced. But if you want… Read article


iRig HD: Nature of the fret

By Shem Pennant,

Technology can be a burden. The frustration I feel when one of my gadgets lets me down is almost palpable. Even the slight lag that’s started when I open the Mail app on my iPad is starting to get to… Read article