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All posts by Shem Pennant


A2B Launch 6 New eBikes: “A Journey Redefined”

I’m an avid cyclist. It’s my favourite way to traverse the capital and I can often been seen zipping in and out between cars, on a fixie, with a courier…


Loop: Energy Empowerment

The downside of being always plugged in … is that I’m always plugged in. That might seem a little obvious but the various shiny gadgets that I’ve accrued as a…


Scosche boomBottle: Rugged Outdoor Speakers

Fresh water’s all well and good but what if you’re cycling, hiking or camping and want a fresh beat. Well you’re probably in the 1987, which was the last time…


Booq Boa Courier 13″ Review

I’ve had high praise for pretty much every booq bag I’ve had the pleasure of playing with. The privately held family company somehow manage to get it right and make…


Connected Data’s Transporter: Off-Cloud Social Storage

There’s a lot to be said for the magic of the modern age. At the touch of a button everything I say or do can be transmitted across the world…


Best iPhone Photo and Video Accessories

As the old adage goes, the best camera is the one you have with you. And more often than not these days that will be your smartphone. Pretty much all…


Top 3 Bluetooth Speakers: SWITCH, Braven 570 and JAMBOX

If you’re on the back of the bus and thinking of sharing your latest and greatest trapstep remix with your fellow passengers then we forbid you from reading this article….


Sony Xperia Z Review Roundup

We had a play with Sony Xperia Z, most of which involved dunking the giant smartphone into tanks of water and marvelling at how it still functioned. Packing a huge…


Cookoo Smart Watch: Helping Early Adopters Stay Punctual

Smartphones are great but why should intelligence devices stop there? The smaller and more efficient we make technology, the more things we can cram it into. I’m shocked more shoes…


AirStash A02: Stream Theatre

I’ve just purchased an iPad mini. And in a dramatic break with tradition I didn’t max out on storage space as I have with pretty much every other Apple device…


Blackberry Z10 Review Roundup: Phoenix Rising or Swan Song?

Very much a fallen angel, it’s rare to hear Research in Motion’s name mentioned these days without “troubled” preceeding it. So much so that they’ve rebranded. But this wasn’t always…


Best iPad Mini Keyboard case: Belkin FastFit vs Logitech Ultrathin

Retina display quibbles aside, the iPad mini is maybe the best iPad Apple have made to date and for certain tasks it has been one of our most pleasurable mobile…


Dyson AirBlade Tap Hand Dryer: Throwing in the towel

Dyson invited us out to South Kensington yesterday to show off the latest results of their mad tinkering. In an era of increasingly homogenised technology it’s always comforting to be…


Whirlpool Wavelicious App: The Little Kitchen Helper

It’s getting to the point where I’m surprised where there isn’t an app for that. The lazy comedy punchline that is apps is also an everyday reality, and developers are…


Seagate Wireless Plus: Hard drives built for the road

In the materialistic world of gadgets it’s important to remember that you can’t take it with you when you go. The world of portable storage however, begs to differ and…

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