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Runware – the iPhone App that’s all heart

By Mark Pilkington,

If you’re one of those joggers who go round and round, then Runware, the French-based Smartphone accessory company, have an App for you. The Runalyzer Sport Pack consists of a heart-monitor, armband and chest strap that will allow you to… Read article


Let the Right One In… An end to cold callers?

By Mark Pilkington,

Hands up who isn’t fed up of door to door cold callers. At best a mildly irritating nuisance, and at worst a form of psychological bullying that can intimidate many people, door to door cold callers are one of the… Read article


AOC myPlay: Supersize your mobile’s display

By Mark Pilkington,

Ever get fed up of the miniscule size of your Smartphone’s display? Have you dreamt of a larger screen on your tablet? With AOC’s new 27” myPlay i2757Fm display monitor, you can plug your Android-compatible gadget in to see your… Read article


Turn your dreams into a work of art

By Mark Pilkington,

We get a lot of press releases sent to us here at Latest Gadgets, but the latest release from the Ibis chain of hotels must rank up there with the strangest we’ve read. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin…… Read article


NeoTV Streaming Players: Ultra Smart TV

By Mark Pilkington,

NetGear have launched not one, not two, but three new additions to their NeoTV range of streaming video players. Offering stunning 1080p HD resolutions, each player has built in WiFi and Intel’s WiDi to enable content to be streamed over… Read article


Chocks away with BeeWi’s new Storm Bee

By Mark Pilkington,

Look up in the air – is it a bird, is it a plane? Nope, it’s BeeWi’s new Storm Bee remote controlled helicopter. Powered by your iOS or Android Bluetooth 2.1 enabled Smartphone, the Storm Bee is the perfect tool… Read article