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VO5 Extreme Style Perfect Cut Hair Clippers review

By Jack Ratcliffe,

Perhaps we’re vain (or not bald), but at LatestGadgets, we’re unlike the 50%+ of men who cut their hair at home. Realistically, it’s probably because we don’t trust ourselves with clippers – it’s particularly difficult to do the bit behind… Read article


Doro PhoneEasy 610 and 615 flip-phones review

By Jack Ratcliffe,

Disclaimer: Jack Ratcliffe may have written this article, but the opinions are his parents. Mainly. Doro mobile phones aren’t like ordinary mobile phones. They’re more like Fisher Price phones – they boast simple lines, simple materials and simple colours, making… Read article


iRobot Roomba 700 Series

By Jack Ratcliffe,

We’re suckers for automated vacuum cleaners here at Latest Gadgets – there’s just something of the future about them. That’s why we’re pretty excited that the creators of the world’s most popular robovac – the Roomba – have brought out… Read article


Toshiba AT100: Android tablets hit maturity

By Jack Ratcliffe,

This Autumn sees a wealth of mature Android tablets hitting stores – pumped up with better specs and the new 3.1 and 3.2 Honeycomb operating systems. One of these mature devices is the Toshiba AT100 (formally known as the Thrive)…. Read article

Plextor PX256M2S

Plextor PX256M2S SSD review

By Jack Ratcliffe,

Harddrives ain’t the most glamorous of components; no matter how large or fast they get. SSD harddrives have injected a bit of glamour into the market by dramatically increasing performance, but they’re usually dismissed as toys of rich gamin’ playboys…. Read article


eTRV: Remote control radiator temperature control

By Jack Ratcliffe,

We love green at Latest Gadgets – grass, trees and low-power gadgets that make the world a better place. The eTRV – or electronic thermostatic radiator valve (sounds like a name out of Dr. Who) is the latter. Essentially, it’s… Read article


Strato’s Hi-Drive: 5GB of free high security cloud storage

By Jack Ratcliffe,

For storing files, the world is taking inspiration from England’s summer: it’s all about the Cloud. And while Yahoo!, Gmail and Hotmail rule cloud-based e-mail, YouTube is the King of cloud video, Flickr and Facebook champion cloud pictures, Dropbox is… Read article


Pioneer BDP-140: Networking and 3D Blu-ray media powerhouse

By Jack Ratcliffe,

The Pioneer BDP-140 is the first model from Pioneer’s new 3D Blu-ray player range. With the high level of competition, it’s a difficult market to enter, so Pioneer have picked a unique selling point: it’s all about the networking. The… Read article


Henge Docks for MacBooks review

By Jack Ratcliffe,

Making a MacBook dock is a difficult task – how do you complement Apple’s design perfection without adding a premium price? Henge Docks thinks it has the answer with a new range of 13″, 15″ and 17″ MacBook compatible accessories…. Read article


Orbitsound T12v3 soundbar: Surround sound magic

By Jack Ratcliffe,

We’re always amazed by those single speakers (soundbars) that sit in front of TV and emit surround-sound from one speaker. They just don’t make sense to us. Still, this hurdle hasn’t stopped British manufacturer Orbitsound from producing their best-sounding soundbar… Read article