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Alpha-Stim: Two Minutes to Stop Smoking

By Jack Ratcliffe,

Products with Greek letters in their names tend to go one of two ways. They either become super popular and important (Omega watches) or flop massively (Betamax, Nu Coke*). So what will happen with the Alpha-Stim – can it actually… Read article


National Science & Engineering Week

By Jack Ratcliffe,

Latest Gadgets got the chance to sample some space-food last week in preparation for National Science & Engineering Week (9-18 March). Although we didn’t get to leave the atmosphere to sample the amusing bouches, we did get to meet someone… Read article


MWC 2012: Android’s coming of age party

By Jack Ratcliffe,

This year’s Mobile World Congress was the best ever. No – this isn’t one of those super-positive articles that vapidly attempts to befriend everyone. It genuinely was the best. Why? How about this: 41 megapixel camera; projecting mobile phone; a… Read article


PowerDVD 12 Ultra: CyberLink goes mobile

By Jack Ratcliffe,

It’s all about mobile nowadays, and even PowerDVD is in on the act. The multi-purpose media playback software is now in its 12 iteration, boasting two killer mobile features: PowerDVD Mobile and PowerDVD Remote. The PowerDVD Mobile app lets users… Read article


New Olympus VN-713PC, VN-712PC and VN-711PC recorders

By Jack Ratcliffe,

Voice recorders are an important tool for any serious journalist, student or stalker. That’s why there is some excitement (and some creepy heavy breathing) around Olympus’ revamped entry-level voice recorder range. The new VN-713PC, VN-712PC and VN-711PC recorders boast better… Read article


Great Eco-Gadgets For Christmas

By Jack Ratcliffe,

Do you love a white Christmas? Well, if global warming gets its way, say goodbye to those snowy Xmas days. That’s why we’ve put together this list of eco-gadgets to fill both your Christmas stocking and your heart with self-righteous… Read article


Go Pro HD Hero2: An action-packed sequel

By Jack Ratcliffe,

How do you sequel one of the toughest, ruggedest cameras on the market? With the HD Hero2 Camera, GoPro decided to just double everything – power, resolution and field-of-width (well, it’s a bit wider, but not double). The new Hero… Read article