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Dell outlines its future vision of the Cloud

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Cloud computing from Dell has been a mouth-watering prospect for tech geeks for a few years now. It is viewed by many as next wave of information technology for individuals, companies and governments. It is also seen as the biggest… Read article


Competition: Win a hipKey proximity & movement alarm

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We’ve teamed up with the folks at CSR to give away this innovative new gadget. The hipKey helps you keep track of your iPhone, iPad or even your loved ones, hipKey will help protect the things you love most. At the push… Read article


GCHQ launch new online “Can You Find It?” challenge

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Back in 2012 the folks at GCHQ (the UK Government Communications Headquarters) launched an online challenge aimed at both experienced and self-taught techies to crack a series of cryptic codes. This proved incredibly popular with the site receiving over 3.2 million unique users and… Read article


Real-Life Car Pinball Showcases Ford’s New Technology

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As a tech blog we receive hundreds of emails each week, mainly from marketing companies asking us to review their client’s latest product. We would therefore consider ourselves quite proficient in “marketing speak” but we have to confess that “brand… Read article


Video: Unboxing the TTI TX-150 Marine VHF Radio

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Given the current glorious weather, it’s not surprising to discover that lots of people are taking to the sea. While most of us are sensible enough to don a lifejacket, not everyone remembers to take a means of communication. If… Read article


Web Performance and E-Commerce

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Statistically, the world of e-commerce has never seen so much action. For e-retailers looking to make a living from their online services, this should be really good news. It was reported that at the end of 2012, Black Friday and… Read article


Great PAYG and SIM-only deals from Virgin Mobile

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Virgin Mobile offers a wide range of mobile phones available on a multitude of different pay monthly, pay as you go, and excellent SIM only tariffs. The network’s website,,  also promotes an impressive selection of special offers which are well… Read article


Samsung Galaxy Camera: Will more gadgets adopt mobile platforms?

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The Samsung Galaxy Camera sees the South Korean electronics giant combining two of the components that have made its smartphone range so successful – Google’s Android operating system and impressive camera functionalities. Bringing a whole new dimension to camera technology… Read article