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Solar-powered Puma Phone pouncing into shops

By Beth Precious,

Gadgets are generally not known for their eco credentials, with many coming across as beautiful but evil pieces of technology designed to seduce the human race into eliminating the earth’s natural resources. However, every now and then something comes along… Read article


Sanyo widens Xacti Dual Camera range

By Beth Precious,

This week sees the UK launch of Sanyo’s latest pocket-sized dual camera, the Xacti VPC-SH1. Following in the footsteps of last month’s tiny VPC-CS1, the SH1 is promising another industry first as the only dual camera in its class to… Read article


Samsung’s Diva S7070 targets fashion-conscious females

By Beth Precious,

Samsung has launched a new fashion phone aimed at teenage girls and style-focused young women.  The appropriately-named Samsung Diva (S7070) focuses on eye-catching looks, with a pearly white quilted-effect back cover reminiscent of the classic Chanel design, and a diamond-shaped… Read article


HD-FOX T2 – Humax’s first Freeview HD PVR

By Beth Precious,

If you want to experience the thrill of high definition television but don’t want to spend wads of cash on a cable or satellite subscription, try the new Freeview HD box from Humax.  It’s the first HD set-top box in… Read article


Sony Ericsson launch Xperia 10 successor: Vivaz

By Beth Precious,

Those of you inspired by the Golden Globes and imminent Oscars will be pleased to learn that the Sony Ericsson Vivaz could help you take your first steps to stardom. The handset allows you to produce and broadcast HD video… Read article


Can you emWave away stress?

By Beth Precious,

We all know that life contains unavoidable pressures, and unless you live in a bubble, it’s impossible to dodge them all the time. Luckily, emWave Personal Stress Reliever is here to help you stay calm when tension and hassle become… Read article