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All posts by Amanda McGahan


Cygnett Keypad Review: Typing on the go

When it comes to writing emails and documents on the iPad, the iPad virtual keyboard can be tricky especially if you use the symbols. Sometimes I miss having the symbols…


StubHubUK: The eBay of tickets

Do you love the concerts and theatre but sick of events being sold out or the seats were not as close at you thought? Ticket touts do not guarantee their…


iBGStar: Blood glucose monitoring on your iPhone

I had no idea 2.9 million people had Diabetes in the UK and on top of that there are a further 850,000 undiagnosed cases. Diabetes can be difficult to monitor…

Angry Birds BlackBird dock review

Not content with taking your phone, Angry Birds are taking over cartoons, plush toys, clothes, films and a soon-to be theme park attraction in Finland. Last year Gear4 released a…


Currys collaborates with fashion designer

We do not usually talk fashion here at LG Towers but London Fashion Week is upon us. To the men reading this, that means catwalk models stomping up and down…


Bayan 7 iPod dock: A natural soundstage for your music

A speaker dock is almost a necessity these days. They provide a nice charging station and music on demand in case a party spontaneously breaks out in your living room….


Homedics 3D, Homedics Me & V05 Perfect Cut

Did you miss Black Friday and Cyber Monday? If you are getting ready for Christmas, we have a few ideas for relaxation and grooming. Instead of rushing about on Christmas…


Casemate Kayla clutch review

It seems products which multi-task are the way to go. The latest new case is from Casemate which acts as a wallet and phone holder. Why not have two of…


Hellotxt Journls for iPad: All your social networks in one place

How much time do you spend on social networks? Logging in here, commenting there, it all takes time and before I know it, it is bedtime. Would it not be…


mylocalsalon iOS app review

Here’s one for the ladies! So you are going on holiday in a few days and you need a beauty treatment, perhaps a pedicure or a spray tan to get…


Beauty Check iPhone app

I love to rate other people. Let’s be honest, we all do it. On the way to work, you see someone and think to yourself they look gorgeous. Perhaps you…


Cyber Snipa Sonar 5.1 Championship Headset review

So many gaming headsets are out there, we thought we would put one of them to test. Cyber Snipa specialise in PC gaming perishables. We got to try out the…


Seagate GoFlex Slim hard drive

How many files are clogging up your space on your laptop? Applications, programs, movies and music. They all take up valuable space especially bluray movies. A lot of people combat…


CU Exposed: V-Moda, be.ez and MagicWand

Latest Gadgets were invited to CU exposed, a small but perfectly formed gadget expo in the heart of London. Here are a few highlights: Headphones can be worn out so…


Echostar SlingLoaded HDS-600RS: TV anytime, anywhere

Set-top boxes have a really hard time. A lot of people will have Sky or Virgin. Most TVs now come with Freeview included. So why do you need a set-top…

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