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Five top speaker docks for the iPad

By Gabrielle Pickard,

Almost simultaneously with the launch of the Apple iPod, masses of speaker docks arrived leaving a confused consumers dizzyingly deliberating over which one to buy. Whilst the spawning of the iPod’s tablet sibling, the iPad’s speaker docks have been much… Read article


myTV 2GO: Hauppauge’s iOS TV streaming gadget

By Shem Pennant,

Ever held your sleek futuristic tablet and had a sudden longing to watch the Tv the old-fashioned way? If you’ve ever wanted to unwind with a little bit of Freeview but haven’t been anywhere near a traditional TV then you… Read article


Pioneer’s new Airplay-enabled Network Audio Players

By Dominic Smith,

Earlier this week, Pioneer announced two lovely new Network Audio Players. The N-30 and N-50 both support Apple’s AirPlay function and offer the ability to play music files from a variety of sources and formats, including high resolution 192 kHz/24-bit… Read article


New Olympus VN-713PC, VN-712PC and VN-711PC recorders

By Jack Ratcliffe,

Voice recorders are an important tool for any serious journalist, student or stalker. That’s why there is some excitement (and some creepy heavy breathing) around Olympus’ revamped entry-level voice recorder range. The new VN-713PC, VN-712PC and VN-711PC recorders boast better… Read article


Stilo 2.1 speakers review: OTone! OTony! OToni!

By Shem Pennant,

It’s highly unlikely you will have heard of Otone as they are a bright new face in the world of home audio, looking to make a splash in the UK. However in a crowded market and with built in speakers… Read article


Vuzix Tac-Eye LT: Full on Terminator eyewear

By Dominic Smith,

Vuzix Corporation recently announced that its Tac-Eye Monocular Display System is now available for purchase across Europe. The Tac-Eye LT is a lightweight, low profile, high-resolution monocular eyewear piece designed for use in the field where rugged hands-free video displays… Read article


Elipson relaunch tribute to BS50 loudspeaker design

By Dominic Smith,

In a nice move to celebrate its 60th birthday, earlier this week Elipson announced that it is honouring the landmark models that have shaped its history leading a market centred around the fusion of lifestyle design and high quality audio… Read article


Urbanisita London headphones: Swish and soothing

By Dominic Smith,

Recently, Urbanista, the Stockholm-based design concept shop which produces products geared towards the needs and fashions of urban living (they’re “wicked” cool…), released something that looks (and feels) rather awesome creating the ultimate in on t’move (Yorkshire speak…sorry) aural pleasure,… Read article


PURE music’s Spotify rivial

By Naomi Mackay,

PURE has launched an online music service to rival the likes of Spotify.The cloud-based on-demand service will let users browse and listen to millions of tracks. They’ll be able to organise and play as many tracks and albums as they… Read article