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Five top speaker docks for the iPad

By Gabrielle Pickard,

Almost simultaneously with the launch of the Apple iPod, masses of speaker docks arrived leaving a confused consumers dizzyingly deliberating over which one to buy….


Vuzix Tac-Eye LT: Full on Terminator eyewear

By Dominic Smith,

Vuzix Corporation recently announced that its Tac-Eye Monocular Display System is now available for purchase across Europe. The Tac-Eye LT is a lightweight, low profile,…


Urbanisita London headphones: Swish and soothing

By Dominic Smith,

Recently, Urbanista, the Stockholm-based design concept shop which produces products geared towards the needs and fashions of urban living (they’re “wicked” cool…), released something that…


PURE music’s Spotify rivial

By Naomi Mackay,

PURE has launched an online music service to rival the likes of Spotify.The cloud-based on-demand service will let users browse and listen to millions of…