iLP: Cut out the middle man in vinyl to digital conversion

Yes I know – another article about iOS accessories. But the iOS world is drawing a lot of the brightest minds in the gadget game. And the makers of a lot of crap too. I would love to do a list of all the stuff that doesn’t make it onto Latest Gadgets but Engadget have that game pretty well sewn up already. Anyway if you have lot of vinyl and want to take it on the go with you, buying it all again seems ridiculous (and seemed ridiculous even in the CD age). You could try and find it again on Spotify (which I’ve been doing) but there are always hard to find tracks that you’re missing out. There are some great USB conversion turntables out there but wouldn’t it be great to cut out the middle man in journey from LP to iPod?


ION, who have really been cranking it out of late, have announced iLP, a digital conversion turntable for iPad, iPhone, and iPod, which includes a free app for converting vinyl records into digital music.

ION pioneered and expanded upon the concept of the USB conversion turntable and iLP updates it with a way to transfer music directly from records to iPad, iPhone, or iPod.

With iLP’s built-in dock and included EZ Vinyl and Tape Converter app the conversion process is simple. The app even automatically separates tracks. ION have confirm that for iOS devices with Apple’s new Lightning Connecter, iLP works with Apple’s Lightning to 30-pin Adapter (sold separately) as this isn’t always the case – I had a headache with this exact issue just last week so it’s handy to know.

iLP is can be connected to a home stereo system standard RCA outputs and music can be transferred to iPad, iPhone, or iPod while you listen. And if you also want to store music on a laptop or desktop computer, iLP can do that, too, by simply connecting it to a Mac or PC with the included USB cable. Pretty neat.

Pricing and avaliablity TBC but for more information, visit Ion Audio.