Hands on: One For All’s Wireless TV Sender SV1730

In these tough economic times, paying an extra £10 a month to watch Sky in another room isn’t an overly attractive prospect. This leaves you either having to run a cable between your rooms, or the more practical alternative of using a wireless TV sender. The problem with the latter is that it’s often prone to interference from other wireless devices, such as your home’s wifi network or cordless phone.

The people at One For All have attempted to tackle this problem with the launch of their new ‘interference free’ SV1730 Wireless TV sender. The prospect of using our wifi while also beaming TV to another room (currently impossible with our existing device) was too good to miss. So, having arranged the delivery of a review unit, we set about unboxing and setting it up, as you can see in this YouTube video:

Our test house was a solidly built 1930s house with brick walls and there was around 20ft between our source device (a Sky TV box) and the receiver. The picture quality was very good and the small amount of interference, which took the form of fine vertical lines, was only visible on close inspection and almost impossible to see from a normal viewing distance.

We were also impressed with the ease of setting up the ‘magic eye’ which enables you to change channels on the source device directly from the receiver. In the past we’ve struggled with finding the ‘sweet spot’ – i.e. the placement of the eye to ensure it lines up with the IR receiver. With the SV1730 we simply placed the eye near the centre of the Sky box and it worked first time.

While we’re unable to agree with the SV1730’s claim of being “interference free”, it’s fair to say that it’s the best wireless TV sender we’ve tested. The SV1730 is available now, priced at £59.99 (RRP).