NaimUniti 2 takes high end to another level

High end often means high price, but it’s an often overused term. It’s become a standard phrase for anything remotely above ordinary; much like the often over hyped term 6 or 7 star hotel that now seem to be almost commonplace. Since when did 5 star lose its sheen?


Audio however, is always a hard fought battleground, with new products and better development coming thick and fast. Fortunately, Naim Audio has always avoided getting sucked into this melting pot; this proudly British manufacturer manages to maintain a dignified distance from the front line with a range of excellent high end products aimed fairly and squarely at the audio connoisseur.

The NaimUniti 2 is a revitalised version of the highly respected NaimUniti the compact all in one audio system that contained an amplifier, CD player, a multi format tuner that delivers DAB, FM and internet radio together with a whole family of digital and analogue inputs including a front panel USB. There’s a built in Ipod/iPhone and iPad dock, digital to analogue converter and a high resolution 24 bit/192 khz network stream player.

The revamped NaimUniti2 now has a Burr-Brown PCM1793 DAC, a redesigned CD player section with a new clamping mechanism and integrated amplifier has been beefed up from 50 watts to 70 watts to embrace a wider selection of speaker types.The NaimUniti 2 also has a larger front panel display screen, bringing it a step closer to the sleek lines of its bigger sibling, the SuperUniti which delivers 80 watts output and a digital volume control button.Finally, there’s no shortage of connecters, with no less than five analogue and five digital inputs to hang out with our other home devices such as set-top TV boxes, DVD players and games consoles.

The NaimUniti2 is no cheap date though, coming with a price tag of £2,795. Then again, that’s the price you pay for quality.