TDK iPhone dock line up

One of my favourite stops on my trip to IFA last year was the TDK stand, where I got to geek out about high quality audio and play with various headphones (the TDK ST-800 are still one of the swishest pairs of headphones I’ve tried). So I’m looking forward to TDK’s new range of iPhone docks(and indeed most smartphones), especially as they are priced at level I can afford.

The new line includes:


TAC7221 App-Enhanced Portable Stereo Speaker (£69.99)
Stay at home? An App-Enhanced portable stereo speaker with hidden handle protects your iPod or smart phone from damage and you can pop it on your bookshelf or office desk.

TAC4525 Dual Charging Alarm Clock (£69.99)
Pretty much all these docks can be used as Alarm Clocks but this one is *really* keen on making sure you don’t oversleep. The Dual Charging Alarm Clock including FM radio, snooze, sleep functions, and a dimmer. It also has *two* docks, great for those two smartphone having families. The front facing dock features a funky hinge and there’s an additional USB charging port in the back.


TAC4221 Space Saving Alarm Clock (EU MSRP: €59,95)
As above … but smaller!!

TAC3521 App-Enhanced Rechargeable Travel Speaker (£84.99)
Winter is coming, but first summer is on the way. The Rechargable Travel Speaker should be an enjoyable addition to park and beach parties. There’s a folding design and slim profile so it’s easy to throw into a backpack. As it’s TDK, there’s powerful stereo sound with dedicated bass ports that produce deep sound (so many portable docks have terrible bass sounds).

TAC3122 Ultra-Portable Travel Speaker (£59.99)
Space at premium? The Ultra-Portable Travel Speaker is as you’d expect, a compact folding speaker with a very small footprint. Built-in app-enhancement means you can have a swish alarm clock on you at all times.