Korg KAOSSILATOR 2: There are no wrong notes

Korg are no strangers to the electronic music game and have been lovingly giving the world organs, beatboxes and synths since the sixties. It’s refreshing to see such an old hand at the music game constant exploring change and looking at new ways for people to create crazy sounds. Whilst still doing sterling work with larger keyboards and drum machines the company has also been active with things such as iOS apps (the iMS20 is a beast to be reckoned with) and with fun handheld devices such as the new Korg KAOSSILATOR 2.


The KAOSSILATOR 2 is a mini synthesizer with an intuitive touchpad. Technically it enables you to easily build your own tracks without any musical training, although I still feel that people who know nothing about music should be discouraged from making it.

Ever so slightly bigger than a mobile phone, the new battery powered synthesizer comes with an enhanced sound generator that lets you create synth and drum combinations across a range of genres, from R’n’B to D’n’B. There are 150 sounds built-in and you can tweak these to your heart’s content. There’s a PCM sound engine on board, so you can have some pretty realistic drum sounds going as well. If that isn’t enough, you can record using the built-in mic; or use the mic input for recording of external input.

An ideal instrument for the highly tactile, you create your sounds by stroking, tapping or rubbing the touchpad, then loop them into continuing patterns. You can even layer two loops together to make DJ-style mixes. What’s more, there’s a built-in Gate Arpeggiator with adjustable gate time and swing settings and you have Scale Key and Note Range to eliminate “wrong” notes. You can save the whole thing onto a microSD card, as well as playing it back via the built-in speaker or headphones.

KAOSSILATOR 2 is out now with a RRP of £155.99
For more information head to www.kaoss.co.uk