Is that a Boom in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?

No surface was safe this week as I put the Pocket Boom portable speaker to the test! The styling of this gadget, which is designed to be used with any mobile device is top-notch. It’s incredibly tactile – the rounded bullet shape, combined with the matt black finish, means it feels good in the hand and smooth to slide into a pocket.

A lot of thought has gone into the design – the top screws off and the cable runs between the main part of the device and the head, which is what you attach to any surface to amplify the sound. The cable is concealed inside and slips out reasonably easily as you turn the top – it is a bit fiddly to start with until you’re confident that you’re not pulling too hard. The cable shows red when it has been pulled out to its full extent.


The device is also a very neat size – it measures 9.5cm long and is 3.5cm wide, so will fit into a handbag or pocket (as long as your jeans aren’t too tight!

The vibration pod is where the sticky part is – this is the bit you attach to any surface to enable the device to use it as a speaker. As I said at the beginning, nothing was safe in my house – I had a large cardboard box (it being nearly Christmas and having had a delivery from Mr Amazon) to try it out on, and I was quite amazed at the sound. Another great surface proved to be the living room window.

A wooden table also offered a great sound, as did an Ikea bookcase – in fact it was so loud that I had to turn the phone’s sound down as it was distorting. The toaster didn’t offer such a great return.

While the Pocket Boom offered an excellent means of listening to the sound on my own videos (especially as I usually have to hold my iPhone up to my ear to even barely hear), I’m not sure whether the sound is truly good enough to listen to a lot of music. Rock music did suffer from quite a bit of distortion.

It’s a fun gadget, and it has been entertaining running around trying out different surfaces, but I’m not sure I would pay nigh-on 20 quid for the privilege. Having said that, if you often find the need to put your phone on speaker when you’re out and about, it’s a good, neat and compact solution.

The device can run on two AAA batteries, or using the supplied USB cable. The audio jack fits neatly into a groove in the side of the body. The sticky pad has a small plastic cover which protects it between uses, but I can see that getting lost pretty quickly, although I don’t think it really matters. Once the pad gets dusty, it can be wiped clean to bring back 95 per cent of its stickiness.

The Pocket Boom is exclusively available on MobileFun.co.uk