New Olympus VN-713PC, VN-712PC and VN-711PC recorders

By Jack Ratcliffe,

Voice recorders are an important tool for any serious journalist, student or stalker. That’s why there is some excitement (and some creepy heavy breathing) around Olympus’ revamped entry-level voice recorder range. The new VN-713PC, VN-712PC and VN-711PC recorders boast better features, higher quality recording and a built-in stand.


Available from mid-February, the recorders come with either 2GB or 4GB (VN-713PC) internal storage. That’s enough space for 34 or 67 days of audio – or enough to never need to delete a file. If you do run out of space, the VN-712PC and VN-713PC come with a microSD card slot to add even more capacity.

The battery life is also excessive, offering 72 hours of LP recording. We find that pretty incredible – hit “record” and it’ll still be going in three days. No wonder stalkers are getting excited.

The sound-quality has also been tweaked, starting with the inclusion of an integrated low noise microphone that delivers a higher S/N (signal-to-noise) ratio than the old editions. While all models can save files in WMA (ugh), the two top-ends (VN-712PC and VN-713PC) can also save in the much more useful MP3 format.

A “Scene Select” function comes as standard, allowing you to match your recorder’s settings to your environment for the best possible recording. Other software benefits include a low-cut filter to further enhance recording quality.

The VN-713PC also features voice-activated recording, as well as noise cancellation to help cut out unwanted background sounds.

On the play-back side, there’s a voice filter for the VN-712PC and VN-713PC that improves the sound quality of human voice. You can also control playback speed to suit your listening preferences.

These two models also feature the new Calendar Search function, which lets users locate files from the recording date using a dedicated file search button. On all devices, up to 99 index marks can be set to flag important places in individual recordings.

Oh, and did we mention they all have built-in stands?

  • Vince

    VN-713PC is a great little machine. Waiting for confirmation regarding support of Micro SD cards over 16GB. A 16GB card gives up to 2000 hours recording (not great quality though) and over 700 hours at reasonable quality.

    It has a calendar and holds the date and time so One feature i’d love would be to set it to record automatically between specfied times and on scheduled days of the week.

    Half the problem is remembering to use your machine for meetings, interviews, on phone calls etc. Imagine a recorder set on voice activated record that starts and stops recording automatically between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday!

    If it had trickle charger at the wall topping up rechargeable battaries all the better. A rcorder that records everything and which is “grab and go” if you need to take it with you.

    With the exception of changing batteries about once a year just chuck it in your meeting or training room, or attach it to your phone line and forget about it. The hard work would be remembering to change the SD card about once a year.

  • Darius Mirzaie

    Hi, I have purchased a VN-711PC. Recorded once and transfered it onto my computer but now when I connect the device to my computer it says “please wait” and never comes up on my computer so I can transfer file. What do I need to do in order to get it work again.