Bayan 7 iPod dock: A natural soundstage for your music

By Amanda McGahan,

A speaker dock is almost a necessity these days. They provide a nice charging station and music on demand in case a party spontaneously breaks out in your living room. There is now a new brand on the market, Bayan Audio, set to compete in a saturated market. How is it going to do that? By offering a unique and natural sound and I will go into all the technical details soon. Their premium dock is the newly launched Bayan 7.


The Bayan 7 design is a contemporary look with a 12mm wood casing. It feels solid and well made. It is on the large side so be prepared to clear some shelf space. It has 120W sound power output through twin amplifiers. Having tried it out, it really does belt out the songs. Coupled with an 8” subwoofer, the sound quality is very good. I got the chance to compare it to its competitors like the Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin and it provides a natural soundstage so you hear just like the artist intended. I could really pick out instrumental changes in the Bayan 7. One of features which sets it apart is has a near-flat frequency range. ‘Frequency response’ measures the ability of the product being tested to reproduce all frequencies, from low bass to high pitched sounds, at a consistent volume level. On a graph, the frequency response is near flat whereas its competitors are up and down.

So the sound is there but you will not get any extra features like Internet Radio, AirPlay or iPhone App. Bayan Audio decided to focus on the sound to make it the best it can be than give little features which most of time do not get used. However I was told they are looking to make plugins will be plugged in the back which will give you some extra features (although no word on what the features may be). An iPad, smartphone or laptop can all be plugged in to USBA/3.5mm socket in the back so wherever your music is stored, you can play it on the Bayan 7.

At £299 it cheaper than its competitors but it does not offer the same features they do. You can order one from

Well looks like some of you are enjoying the Bayan Audio 7 judging by the comments. Good to see. Well you will be happy to hear that the first upgrade accessory is coming out as I mentioned that Bayan Audio are planning. It is the Bayan Audio Airstream coming in May. Wireless streaming is definitely the future and a lot of docks coming out will have it. The Bayan Audio Airstream adds wireless streaming capability to the Bayan range of audio docks, without needing any extra battery or cables to operate. Using Bluetooth 4.0, it will be compatible with both Apple and non Apple devices which support A2DP Bluetooth standard and connects via the specially-designed USB/3.5mm audio port on the rear of the Bayan dock. No word on pricing yet.

  • MamaLi

    I bought one of these last week and I just wanted to back up your promise of sound that really delivers. As a musician and music lover, the quality of separation is really important to me. Also what you don’t mention which I think is important is you don’t get any frequency disturbance from phone signals, which can be awful if you have the music up loud! Also, you can turn up bass and treble separately. I love it.

  • ATH

    Been looking for a dock for ages and think I finally found the one. The remote is very cool allows you to have 2-3 iPods/Phones no the go at once and switch between without leaving your seat. great for parties!

  • Tom C

    am seeing some noise around Bayan. Am very curious to explore more. Also good to see is not just a speaker dock for Apple as I lean towards Android! Looking forward to seeing and hearing one in the flesh. Any advise?

  • briansturridge

    mine is on the way, very excited! bring the noise !! will update when it gets tested :)

  • briansturridge

    well ive had my bayan 7 for a few days and im delighted with it so far. the sound quality is excellent and the double ipod feature works well, and you are able to control them well with the remote.

    excellent product that fits neatly into my front room.


  • Tom C

    thanks Brian, that is really good to hear. I have to get my arse into gear and check these docks out. I believe HMV stores have them. And then I might just have to buy.