BlueAnt Embrace headphones review

I love a serious pair of headphones. I spend a lot of time working in audio production, editing radio shows and podcasts, creating music beds or jingles and also just listening to loud bass-heavy tunes. It will never cease to amaze me how Apple’s love letter to Dieter Rams, the iPhone 4 (and let’s face it the iPhone 4S as well) ships with such low quality headphones. I’m far from a snob, but iPhone headphones are on the long list of things I refuse to put in my ears.


You might remember the Australian brand BlueAnt for their high quality bluetooth headsets from earlier on in the year, as well as some pretty great in-car devices. When review some of the bluetooth in-ear headsets I remember thinking “wouldn’t this be great in both ears.”

BlueAnt have answered my prayers (and then some) with the new BlueAnt Embrace, a high end pair of headphones for stylish audiophiles.

So what do you get? I popped on Music for Airports and gave them a twirl. The big (but not ostentatiously big) 40mm dynamic drivers are impressive at delivering sound the way God (or in this case Brian Eno) intended. I then tried mixing a few tracks, composing a few beats and monitoring the leves on a live recording I had to do, and the Embrace headphones performed admirably on all fronts – these are a lot more than toys.

It’s worth noting that they are super comfortable – like having a pair of slippers on your head. The soft leather earpads block unwanted noise and keep your pretty snug, and the supple leather headband means they can pop on the largest of heads without discomfort.

It’s not just the headband that makes the Embrace a flexible pair of headphones. The mix and match cabling system means you can pop on a straight through cable or a cable with an Apple Remote and OMTP adapter. It also means if your cable snags, you haven’t just destroyed a super expensive pair of headphones. And to help you keep them safe the Embraces come with a tough leather case, which the earpads twist to fit inside.

If you’re interested in high-end design and high-quality audio it’s definitely worth give the BlueAnt Embrace a whirl.

Out now from RRP £149