Philips and O’Neill team up for ‘The Bend’ extreme sports headphones

If you’re the type that can’t hit the slopes without and 80s powerpop remix in hand, then you’ll need a good set of headphones for your sub-zero adventures. Philips claim they have something that should be right up your alley with thier new Bend headphones, release in conjunction with O’Neill.


The most striking thing about ‘The Bend’ is how warm the cans feel – it’s almost like having a snug sponge on either ear. Featuring a low-profile design that closely follows the contours of your head, the cans are nice and close and double as ear muffs. More importantly, despite the warm fuzzies you get from wearing them, you aren’t compromising on sound quality and ‘The Bend’ will happily cope with the deepest, wobbliest dubstep bass cannons you can throw at it. The design is also fairly stylish and distinct from the now seemingly ubiquitous Beats by Dre line of headphones.

So ok, they sound great – but can they take a beating? Philips claim the super-tough construction is built to resist the physical demands of even the toughest action sports athletes.That description does not fit me – at all. However I do accidentally destroy a large number of headphones both cheap and expensive (it’s an awful super power) so I know a durable headset when I see one. The headband on ‘The Bend’ is made from the same material as the toughest snow goggles so they are pretty resilient. When the headphones are subjected to heavy impacts or a fall, the safe-release cans disengage safely rather than breaking under pressure like most other headphones.

Snag your cables alot? You’ll be pleased to know ‘The Bend’ comes with a cable stress relief feature (inspired by the latest in ski technology) so the cable quickly disconnects when caught. I have lost at least three headphones to this problem so this was a particularly great feature for me.

Out now, for a suggested retail price of £61.28