Capitalise on the digital switchover with Ross’s range of High Performance aerials

My parents have recently had terrible trouble with the picture on their digital TV, which was a Sony may I note and bought for a tidy sum not that long ago. Refusing to gaze at a blurred picture stained by a reddish tinge, my parents, who are not the most technological-minded of people, rang an ‘aerial bloke’ they found in the Yellow Pages, who came out, spent 20 minutes on the roof fiddling round with the aerial, managed to get a ‘much betta’ picture, and charged 200 quid for his inconveniences. Needless to say a couple of days later the red tinge appeared over the screen followed quickly by the same blurring you encounter after about consuming seven pints! Exasperated, I told my parents to send the TV back to Sony, but their generous and un-confrontational nature meant they went out and bought a Panasonic flat screen and the Sony ended up on the tip! My point to all this waffling? Well what my parents should have done was buy a Ross High Performance aerial.


Electrical accessories manufacturer, Ross, has announced the launch a range of High Performance aerials, aimed at maximising performance and picture quality and therefore enabling viewers to make the most of the new terrestrial digital TV broadcasting.

These High Performance outdoor aerials are available in low, medium or high gain specifications and the range covers all signal strength requirements. For weaker signal strength areas, the 48 Element Digital TV Aerial would be most suitable, and will receive all digital broadcasts that are locally available. This aerial provides 13 DBi of forward Gain and is ideal for both outdoor and loft installation. You can purchase the 48 Element Digital TV Aerial either on its own or with a complete installation kit, which includes mounting plates, cables and connectors.

For stronger signal strength areas, the 14 Element Digital TV Aerial would be the most effective, offering the same capabilities as the 48 Element but with 8 DBi forward Gain. Whilst the 32 Element Digital TV Aerial Kit is most suitable for medium signal strength areas and has 11 DBi of forward Gain.

All three aerials have been CAI-approved and are supplied part assembled for ease of installation, so that even my techno-phobic parents may have a chance of installing it – On second thoughts, maybe not!