Auluxe Dew and Edifier Prisma 2.1 mini HiFi review

Neologistically defining themselves as a “fusion of Audio and Luxury”, Auluxe’s new 2.1 Mini HiFi Dew speaker system had a lot to live up to and replacing my cherish Harman/Kardon Sound Sticks, which looked and sounded great was a tough task.

Available in Maple and Cherry woods with Chrome as well as Glossy Black & White, the Dew is a very classy looking audio device and has rightly won a Red Dot design award.


It comes with two small satellites and a cubed subwoofer, which looks a like a mini version of the Harman Kardon HKTS-7BQ subwoofer – high praise indeed. Installation is simple, as everything works off 3.5 mm inputs. The Dew works exceptionally well as a PC speaker – or something to plug a docked phone or mp3 player into and blends elegantly with desks and tables.

The premium nature of the Dew is fortunately not just confined to looks. This small but perfectly formed unit has been carefully sculpted by audio nerds and sounds even better than it looks. The improved sound quality has the downside of highlighting imperfections in poorly encoded mp3s and made me seriously consider joining the FLAC camp for the first time in a long time.

Volume control is handled by a solidly built rotating pot that sits on the desk and doubles as an easily accessible power switch. It also glows blue, has nice smooth action and is generally awesome. Auluxe pride themselves on using recycled materials to create their products and packaging so there is a lot going for the unit all-round. All this quality comes at a price and the Dew will set you back £199 from Amazon or M&S.


Alternatively, the more budget conscious amongst you could take a look at the Edifier Prisma. Cheaper, without looking cheap, the Prisma looks like an Opera house in a glossy white finish. The satellites stick out a bit more than the Dew’s, but work well with shiny white mp3 players or laptops. It also comes with a rotating volume control unit and there is a soft touch on/of switch that glows on the roof of the subwoofer.

The Edifier is £89.99 and whilst it doesn’t quite match the good looks of the Dew the sound quality is still really rather good. If you can spare the extra I’d recommend the Dew’s design, build quality, environmental credentials and excellent sound quality. If money is tight, you will be pleasantly surprised at what the Prisma has to offer.

The Auluxe Dew is £199 from Amazon, Micro Anvika or M&S. The Edifier Prisma is available at SRP £89.99 inc and is available online from the Apple Store and