World Cup tournament scores with new technology

Ah, the beautiful game… once every four years, it takes over our lives, whether we like football or not. And this year, more than ever before, there are gadgets galore to help you make the most of the World Cup. Here are some of our favourites…


Sony has teamed up with FIFA to stream footie facts, anecdotes and top video clips from the past 80-odd years to fans of the beautiful game. Of course, You’ll also need to be the proud owner of a BRAVIA internet-enabled device – be it a TV or Blu-Ray disc player – to see FIFA’s top 20 World Cup clips, check out the profile of your favourite classic footie player, or settle that argument about who played who, where and what the score was.
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And if you buy a Sony BRAVIA TV before July 11, you’ll get £150 if you trade in your old telly. Now, that can buy a few cases of bevies, or even pay for the beer fridge, like the LEC DF50GC wine and beer fridge for a cool £129 from John Lewis.

Of course, you’ll need something to nibble on while you’re watching the games, so how about a football-themed popcorn maker? Not only will the Giles and Posner Football Popcorn Maker deliver in under 4 minutes – it’s healthy too, because it uses hot air instead of oil to pop the corn. Just don’t tell your mates… (£29.95)

These gadgets are all very well if you’re in your living room when the matches are on, but most of us have a life, and are likely to be out and about while the tournament is on. Never fear, you can keep up with everything that’s going on via your mobile.

You could splash out on the Sony Ericsson Vivaz FIFA edition phone, which boasts an exclusive Football Fan app, which will keep you up to date with all the latest goals, as well as feed you some interesting footie facts to astound and amaze your friends down the pub. Or if you’re looking for a camcorder to take to South Africa if you’re lucky enough to be going, or just to catch the celebrations and commiserations as you watch the games with friends, how about going patriotic with the St George’s Flag limited edition Flip Mino video camera, from Amazon at £109.99?

If you’re not planning on splashing the cash that much, you can still keep up with the action for a nominal outlay, thanks to some World Cup apps for your phone.

The 2010 World Cup app will keep iPhone users up to date with all the latest goals for a bargain 59p, while if you only want to know how England is doing, download the marginally more expensive Live Scores app (£1.19), which lets you tailor which matches you get to hear about. Or, it will cost you nothing to keep up with the latest sports news on your Android Phone if you download Sky Sports.

If the idea of all that football fills you with horror, take comfort in the fact that Wimbledon starts on June 21…