Samsung round-up: SyncMaster MD230, H03 Pico projector and SNE-60 e-book reader

Samsung recently unleashed a whole host of gadgets and gizmos onto the UK market. Ranging from the world’s smallest Mono Laser Printer (the ML-1665 printer) to the Q-Series notebook range. We went down to the launch and had a look.

I’m a sucker for multiple monitor setups. I have 4 widescreens on my desk right now and crave more – like Terry Pratchett’s office (google it) or that guy on Swordfish. So I was instantly drawn to the new SyncMaster MD230, which allows you to connect up to six monitors on one stand. The resulting set-up is a pretty cool multi-monitor environment, which is great for panoramic images, graphics work, film editing and a host of other feature. The ultra-slim bezel, 1920 x 1080 resolution and a 300cd/m2 resolution are pretty exciting (in the multimonitor world) so I’m already clearing desk space and setting aside pennies.

At the other end of the scale in terms of size is the H03, Samsung’s first Pico LED projector. Tiny – it weighs about 210g, the H03 has 30 ANSI brightness and is a projector solution for people who give lots of presentations all over the place. Powered by an LED with 30,000 hours of lamp life the projector can run via its removable battery or the mains. The reader supports all of the Microsoft Office programmes, PDF, TXT, HTML, MPEGS, and JPEGS. The device features PC in (D-sub, 15 pin), AV composite in, USB port (for memory, download, external power), head set jack, SD card slot for external memory and a tri-pod fitting for mounting. The H03 will be available in the UK in June 2010.

Samsung also unveiled a new 6”, Wi-Fi enabled SNE-60 e-Book Reader, which available to pre-order (or simply “order” if you are pedantic) from selected high street retailers in the coming months. The SNE-60 can store about 1,200 books on its internal memory and has an SD card, which enables you to extend its capacity. Wi-Fi 802.11b/g allows users to download content such as books and newspapers wirelessly from a server and also enables content sharing. One key differentiator for the SNE-60 was the ability to annotate reading selections and maintain a calendar and notes via the built in ElectroMagnetic Resonance stylus pen and handwriting recognition software. The e-Book Reader uses an e-paper display so it’s fine for reading outdoors. The SNE-60 supports ePub, PDF and TXT formats and built in dictionaries can be used just by touching the screen with the stylus – handy for sesquipedalian users. It also comes with an MP3 player and Samsung’s unique “Text-to-Speech” engine can read books for you while you are driving or in noisy environments. Neat.