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Audio & Video Gear

Our team of audiophiles check out the latest high-performance speakers, headphones, streaming music players and more. Meanwhile we also check out the latest TVs (3D, OLED, 4K, etc.) and HD projectors.


CES 2015 Video: SleepPhones Bluetooth speaker headband

  One of the more quirky gadgets on show at CES is the SleepPhones headband. This headband has Bluetooth speakers built-in, for music during sleep or after washing your hair….


Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 500P: first look and hands-on

Turtle Beach, purveyors of some of the finest audio equipment available on the gaming market, recently announced their latest addition – the Stealth 500P. This headset, while being of the…


Ricoh WG-M1 storms into the action cam market

If you’re the adventurous type and like to keep a track of your exploits you’ll know that regular digital cameras and smartphones don’t quite cut the mustard. Enter the action…


SoundBlaster Roar: Redefining “all-in-one”

The Creative Sound Blaster was the soundcard of choice, back in the day when people still bought soundcards. However, as the previous sentence indicates, times have changed quite significantly, and…


SOUNDSIGHT: World’s first video recording smart headphones

What do you expect from your headphone these days? To give you good sound surely, and maybe a wireless connection to give you freedom of movement during your weekly jogging…


Roku adds ITV Player to its Chromecast-esque Streaming Stick

The Roku Streaming Stick is the latest streaming device from the U.S manufacturer Roku and adds the functionality of a Smart TV to a normal TV for less than £50…


LG bring World’s first curved 4K OLED TV to the UK

LG Electronics have announced the forthcoming arrival of what they’re calling the “World’s First Curved ULTRA HD 4K OLED TV in the UK”. Technically it’s going to be two TVs,…


Humax STA-1200 BSW: The “world slimmest soundbar”

Humax, a UK provider of specialist digital set-top boxes, has entered the audio market, launching what the company claims to be the “world’s slimmest” soundbar. The STA-1200 BSW is a…


Sony MDR-HW700DS: World’s first 9.1ch headphones

Like the amplifier in Spinal Tap that goes up to 11, when it comes to anything to do with sound bigger numbers are usually better. So, forget about your puny…


Chord Electronics’ Hugo – A nifty portable DAC device with little CES coverage

When we think of a product named Hugo, the luxury German fashion brand Hugo Boss springs to mind. Chord Electronics, British manufacturers of high-performance hi-fi products, has introduced a new…


Sky’s Now TV Box review round-up

When it comes to the latest in audiovisual technology it wouldn’t be unfair to say Sky TV’s ageing satellite system is years behind the competition when it comes to streaming…


Bose’s SoundTouch Wifi music system: what the critics said

Trying to dethrone Sonos from the number one spot for wireless audio systems was always going to be tall order for Bose, but with the company’s SoundTouch Wi-Fi range they’ve…


LG’s LAP340 SoundPlate – sound without the fury

The main problem with today’s flat screen TVs is that, because they lack the cabinet of the old CRT models, you tend to get pretty weedy sound from their built-in…


Name that BluTune: Roberts launch Bluetooth radio range

Hundreds of stations and not a thing worth listening to: Even the shift from FM to DAB couldn’t help us avoid the nasal, cheesy, over-enthusiastic, often-egotistical tones of presenters playing…


Samsung’s S9C (Curved OLED TV) Gets UK Launch

Looks like a 55” Pringle, actually a telly. Say hello to the Samsung S9C. The brand’s first ever curved OLED TV – and the world’s second ever curved OLED set,…

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