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Rdio launches Vdio for TV and movies on demand

By David Nield,

Music streaming service Rdio has launched a new Vdio site for streaming TV shows and movies on demand. Unlike Rdio, Vdio adopt a pay-per-item approach rather than a monthly subscription model, with content available to buy or rent. The service… Read article


Top 5 Heating Apps

By Gabrielle Pickard,

March 2013 saw unprecedented freezing weather descend upon the British Isles. Few were spared and many, including me, had their heating system conk out as 50mph winds ripped down fencing and trees and swirled down gas boiler flue pipes extinguishing… Read article


5 Top Money Management Apps for 2013

By Gabrielle Pickard,

Despite the seemingly unshakable dismal economic landscape, high levels of unemployment and stores crumbling into administration all around us, young people are managing to cut back on credit card debt and are actually saving more than ever, apparently. What is… Read article


Spotify Launches Web-Based Player for UK

By David Nield,

Spotify has made the online version of its music streaming software available to all UK users as it continues to extend the player’s public beta. The Web-based app has been online at for several weeks, but has now been… Read article


O2’s ‘TU Go’ App: Make Any Device Your Phone

By David Nield,

O2 has launched a new app for iOS, Android and Windows 7 PCs that lets you text and call from multiple devices and computers using your existing mobile number. UK customers on pay monthly contracts simply plug their details into… Read article


Facebook Unveil Mobile Inspired Design for News Feed

By Neil Cumins,

Any company with a billion customers can justifiably regard itself as being successful, but one drawback of such popularity is that even minor product changes can become hugely controversial if they don’t meet with general approval. Having faced a barrage… Read article


Ibis ‘Sleep Art’ App: Create Art in Your Sleep

By Susan Connolly,

Sleep apps are nothing new. There are a multitude of sleep-cycle alarm clocks that try to time your waking to a natural point in your cycle, and a bevy of different meditation aids and white noise apps to help you… Read article


Traktor DJ iPad App Review: Near Perfect Digital DJing

By Andrew Rafter,

DJ iPad apps have been around for years, and on whole they’ve always been a bit hit and miss, generally falling into two categories: a midi controller or a virtual deck setup – neither of which particularly works well on… Read article


23snaps: Adorable Digital Memory Books

By Naomi Mackay,

Some of us may use Facebook to document our child’s milestones, achievements, and so on, but are probably well aware that a) our non-child-interested contacts probably sigh every time they find out that little Johnny or Jemima has lost a… Read article


AirStash A02: Stream Theatre

By Shem Pennant,

I’ve just purchased an iPad mini. And in a dramatic break with tradition I didn’t max out on storage space as I have with pretty much every other Apple device I’ve purchased since my first foray into Mac Life in… Read article