Whirlpool Wavelicious App: The Little Kitchen Helper


It’s getting to the point where I’m surprised where there isn’t an app for that. The lazy comedy punchline that is apps is also an everyday reality, and developers are constantly searching for new ways for us to spend more time gazing at our phones instead of interacting with each other.

Case in point, Whirlpool has launched its first App, Whirlpool Wavelicious that aims to engage current Whirlpool microwave owners, as well as prospective new ones. You might think that microwaves just reheat food but they have so much more to offer – with a delightful app to help out.

The new App enables users to browse anytime, anywhere so you can save time by planning in advance.  You can try out new recipes using the superior Whirlpool cooking functions. There are forty recipes to choose from including soups, pastas, rice, bread, pizza, main and side dishes as well as cakes and desserts, with some exciting seasonal recipes too.

The Whirlpool Wavelicious App indicates the preparation and cooking time, the level of difficultly, as well as adding the recipe ingredients to your shopping list. The various settings required are listed such as the Whirlpool Crisp, Steam and Forced Air for cooking, crisping or steaming. In addition you can add a personal note to a recipe, add the recipe to a mobile calendar and share on FaceBook, Twitter or email to your friends. Not too shabby.

Of course there’s some upsell going on here and they app ties in with Whirlpool’s swanky new range of Max microwave ovens. The microwaves have a rounded-back  design which enables them to fit into corners and also have a healthy Steam function that works with a specially designed steamer accessory, so you can go to town on kale recipes.

The app is available for all users of an iPhone or iPad free of charge. The microwave costs more (that’s how they get ya). Find out more at Whirlpool Wavelicious