Roamler: Real life RPG adventure + cash

More and more companies are trying to take advantage of the fact that growing numbers of consumers are wandering hither and thither with location-aware, internet connection super computers in their pockets all the time.

One such app is the free-to-download Roamler, which enables anyone with an iPhone the chance to perform small tasks for brands with their iPhone in exchange for experience points and in most instances small sums of cash. Assignments include simple home-based tasks such as taking a photo of your coffee machine or location based such as reviewing a product’s presentation.


The two main problem I had with Roamler are similar to the problems I have with most social networks: apathy and uptake. Whilst you can rack up small sums of cash it was still pretty hard to motivate myself to fire up the app and get going – even though I “had” to for this review. And as with all minor social networks there is a limited number of opportunities and fellow users. However, once you do overcome the first hurdle of actually using the app it’s very easy to “get into” using it and if you have a bit of free time on your hands, or are simply bored. And once you get “hooked” it can be an engaging way to spend your time – especially if you’ve used RPGs before.

A recent upgrade to the app now also encourages more social interaction between Roamlers, so there is the opportunity to ‘love’ or comment upon a challenge performed by a friend. Those with a competitive streak can race one another to be the first to complete a task, and progressing through the levels offers an increased number and variety of new tasks. Like I said, it’s handy if you’re into RPGs.

“There is a huge appetite at the moment among iPhone users to play games competitively and we saw an opportunity for brands to capitalise on this. Roamler has been a huge hit in the Netherlands, with 150,000 tasks undertaken so far and many fans commenting on the addictive nature of the app. UK consumers now have a chance to join in the fun, share and network with new and old friends via Roamler, and earn money while providing useful insight on behalf of brands.”

Co-founder of Roamler, Wiggert de Haan

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