Top London Olympics 2012 Apps

After years of preparation, anticipation and waiting the London Olympics Games 2012 have begun.

With the five giant Olympic rings swinging majestically from Tower Bridge and cabbies chatting enthusiastically about how busy the capital is going to be over the forthcoming weeks, banter and excitement is mounting in London is the city moves into the realms of true ‘Olympic fever’.

Image courtesy of Twitter user @each1teach1

Naturally, amidst all the hype, a growing swell of London Olympics apps have emerged meaning you can keep up to date with the Games whilst you are on the go.

Take a look at the following top Olympic Games 2012 apps.

London 2012

Unpretentiously titled ‘London 2012’, this comprehensive app informs users about various aspects of the Games, such as results, information about venues, interactive maps and spectator information. .

Having been launched by the London 2012 Organising Committee (LOCOG), this interactive app is being marketed as the ‘essential companion to the Games’.

2012 Olympic News

If you want to keep up to date with all the Olympic news in one convenient place, then downloading the 2012 Olympic News app could prove prudent.

Exploiting, we are told, the unique tile system on Windows, this ultra informative application incorporates numerable news services, as well as Facebook and Twitter, keeping you well in advance of the sporting drama that is about to unravel.

London Bus Checker

The London cabbies might be driving around ecstatically with pound signs in their eyes but tourists are likely to be less thrilled about the prospect of travelling around London as it is in the throws what could possibly be the biggest event in the capital’s history.

The London Bus Checker app has been designed to make your journey around London during the Games as ‘hassle-free’ as possible, by enabling Londoners and visitors alike to track buses and find out when the next one is due.

Users can find out bus stop locations, be informed about route changes, plan routes and be alerted when their stop is – I don’t know about LOCOG’s app being the ‘essential companion for the Games’, I reckon it could be this one!