Basket Buddy: Helping you get more bang for your buck

In a world gripped by Groupon and similar deal websites, we can’t deny that we love a good bargain. There are, however, only so many pedicures and tennis lessons we actually need, before the novelty appeal starts to wear thin. New app Basket Buddy puts an unconventional spin on the traditional discount and voucher apps, helping you save more on items you actually want.


Created by money-saving website Hot UK Deals (HUKD), Basket Buddy uses crowd sourcing to scout out mis-priced items in supermarkets and chain stores, including ASDA, Boots, Tesco and Marks & Spencer. Members of the HUKD community share impromptu “deals”, which bargain-hunters can access through the Basket Buddy app. Community users can also rate deals, and let others know when they’ve expired.

When shoppers find a bargain, they can upload details to the app by scanning the item’s barcode and uploading a photo, as well as extra details about the deal, such as whether its a local or national deal. App users can then search for deals closest to them using the app’s GPS feature, so they can make the most of the bargain while it’s still live.

The app has already garnered attention from the national press, after one savvy user shared details of a Tesco’s price glitch that led to the supermarket chain selling iPad 3s for just £49.

Websites like HUKD have increased in popularity in an effort to offset the rising cost of living over the past few years. With just under 530,000 existing HUKD community members, this app provides a way for users to find out about the latest deals while on the go.

While in beta testing, the app hosted over 4,000 deals and 44,000 comments from users, a number that will no doubt grow with its public release through the iTunes Store.
Paul Nikkel, founder of HUKD, said: “We see Basket Buddy as a real deal hunting game-changer; a vital weapon in the professional shoppers’ armoury. We’re taking the community into the palm of our members’ hands, allowing them to find and share deals with the HUKD community when they’re out and about.”