Imail’s new postcard app: Desktop to doorstep’ in a few simple steps!

Long gone are the days of spending precious time on your holiday finding somewhere that sells postcards followed by the even harder task of then finding somewhere to post them, with 9 times out of ten being that you arrive home well in advance of your postcards reaching their destinations. Postcards can now be directly sent from iPhones leaving holidaymakers with more time to enjoy what they have come on holiday for – relaxing, thanks to Imail, self-marketed as being the ‘UK Mail’s ground-breaking desktop to doormat delivery solution’.


Imail’s brand new postcard iphone app enables users to digitally capture classic moments of their holiday and send them to friends and family in traditional postcard form. In integrating iPhone’s innovative camera software, personalised images are then sent in A5 glossy postcard format direct from an iPhone for physical delivery.

Imail ensure us that its new app boasts a simple-to-use interface, although how difficult could writing a postcard be? The simple-to-use interface comes complete with space to write a message on the reverse of the postcard. Not only will friends and relatives back home be able to be reminded of what a fantastic time their loved ones are having by receiving a personalised picture and message, but thanks to a functional U.V coater, all postcards created by the imail app will have a high gloss, polished finish and feel, really sticking the knife in to how ‘glossy’ and ‘glamorous’ the lives of their ‘techno know how’ buddies have become!

Unlike the shoddy and unreliable postal services of many a country, including, may we add, British Royal Mail, imail guarantee that all UK-bound postcards are delivered in two days later, with international postcards taking four to six days depending on the destination country.

So how much will a fast, functional and fashionable ‘Wish you were here!” memento set travellers back? Not much at all actually, just 98p for all UK-destined postcards and £1.48 for all internationally-bound cards regardless of how far afield their destination – That’s got to be a cheaper alternative to being robbed by a local tobacconist, blatantly stinging tourists when they ask for a book of stamps!

Available on the app store