, site and sound

This is a very weird and slightly wonderful online gadget-type-thing that you’re either going to love or hate with all of the passion in your hardened techie heart. To put it simply, Codeorgan is nothing more, and nothing less than an intriguing Flash application that turns any web page into music.

The site analyses the text in the body of any supplied URL  address (your favourite gadget resource for example), and follows its unique algorithm to render that page into a piece of music. It starts off by  choosing a drum pattern, then moves on to picking up a synth style and a key based on the contents of the chosen site, then within a matter of seconds it’ll play the associated music via the ‘Play This Website’ option.

Yes! Of course it’s much more complex than that. Before the unique sounds can be generated and all of the above occurs, Codeorgan must scan the page and remove all of the characters not in the musical scale (from A to G)…naturally. Then, it analyses the remaining ones to find the most commonly used “note” before the page is translated in to that specific note’s major pentatonic scale (a musical scale with five pitches per octave, FYI), it’s a minor scale if there is an an uneven number of characters left.

It’s also worth mentioning that there are ten synth effects available as part of the Codeorgan program and from those, one is chosen based upon the total number of characters used on the page that you choose. Also, the beats are determined based upon the ratio of characters versus the ones that are musical notes (don’t panic, remember scales A and G?). Okay, I’ve tried, but thankfully, you won’t have to think about that when making sweet (ish…) music using this nifty app.

You will be most happy to know that the 45 seconds CO generated for sounds like a jazz-infected electro beast. The only real downside to this clever idea is the fact that there’s only so much computer generated synth-generated mayhem and programmed beats that any one person can take. Oh, you’re not surprised? Well then, Codeorgan is definitely the web-based gadget of the moment for you.

After analysing your chosen site, of course, you have the option of sharing your results on the usual platforms of Facebook and Twitter.

Codeorgan is developed by UK-based company DLKW. For more information visit