ViewRanger: An essential publishing tool for guide authors

Back in the dark ages, getting lost in a foreign land was all part of the fun of travel. I still remember walking around an Arab souk in Morocco for hours and hours getting nowhere fast.


These days technology has taken all the fun out of it. Still, I suppose it gives you that much more time to see the sights you want to see, rather than the ones you don’t. Apps have become essential travellers’ companions, whether it’s for currency exchange, language interpretation or up to date global guides.

The simple guidebook is so last year and now, if you’re an guide author, so is a dependency on finding a publisher to print one.

The new ViewRanger platform will give any experienced guide author or for that matter, anyone with good local knowledge to impart, the opportunity to build their own app and publish the content on smart phones, as well as showcasing and promoting content on social networks.

The platform allows your content either in written, audio and video formats to be triggered by GPS location and be available to online location searches.

Your content can be delivered free or you can choose a price point to sell it via Augmentra, ViewFinder’s publisher and there’s also a range of widgets available to integrate the content into your website or Facebook page

Craig Wareham Augmenta CEO comments: “we are now creating an easy but powerful publishing channel to make it simple for authors and publishers to deliver dynamic and exciting guides.